Websites adapt as users demand changes and new ways of interacting with others. The Internet continues to change how we shop, communicate, and even how we do business. For every serious website out there, several pointless ones also pop up. So, which websites should you be using in 2018? We sorted through dozens and decided that these are the dankest websites of 2018.


Wired 1400

Wired brings all the latest news through the lens of technology. Our world is changing faster than we can keep up with, so sites like Wired do their best to keep us as informed as they possibly can. Their massive website covers a multitude of topics, ranging from transportation, to design, and business. They have new content every day, so you won’t have to worry about things becoming stale.

Twitter 11

Internet users don’t go to dedicated news sites like they used to a few years ago. They rely on websites that link to those dedicated sites or read summaries without actually going to the article for the full story. Twitter is one of the main resources for finding news. Users should be careful since anyone can post stories under their account and call it “news.” Even reputable publications fall into writing “clickbait” headlines just for clicks. Even so, Twitter is a fantastic resource to find out what is going on in every area of life.

CNET 159

Where Wired focuses on a wide variety of topics, CNET is content to focus on the world of electronics. They will venture into other territories when needed, but only when the stories focus on the latest electronics. They have reviews of the most recent phones, laptops, tablets, and just about any other device you can think of so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.


Instagram 14

Instagram went from being a selfie breeding ground to a hybrid website focused on nothing in particular. Many use it as a marketing tool, including thousands of artists. If there’s an artist with drawings you admire, chances are they have their own profile on Instagram. You can browse their gallery or find related images through hashtags. 

Patreon 362

Patreon is for the artist who wants to earn money from their works of art. Whether it’s drawings, music, podcasts, videos, or anything else they can think up, this is the place for artists to send their patrons. Patrons can sign up to give monthly or per creation and can receive incentives for their support, such as stickers or exclusive songs. They also gain access to a patron-only news feed for the artist who they support.

drip 212326

Similar to Patreon, drip helps artists raise money so that they can continue to create content. Supporters receive tips and several other rewards for their continued backing. Drip is currently only available to creators through a personal invite.

DeviantArt 163

DeviantArt houses some of the most talented artists in the industry. The focus is on traditional and digital art, although some of the art can go outside of that. Anyone can sign up and post their own art for others to view. All content is free for viewing, so users don’t have to worry about paying to unlock extra content. Additionally, premium memberships help artists stand out, with extra tools to interact with their fans.

ArtStation 652

ArtStation is more for professional artists in the film and game industries. They have their own magazine and advertise jobs for top artists in their fields. Users can browse amazing pieces of art free of charge.


Fandango 1428

Fandango is for the movie-goer, rather than the stay-at-home-Netflix-binger. Users can check out all the latest trailers and news on upcoming films and order tickets to go see recent movies in theaters.

Podbean 8721

Podbean is for podcast creators looking to get their content heard. Listeners can also browse available podcasts through Podbean’s app and website. As podcasts continue to prove popular, it’s only natural that Podbean would be on our list of dankest websites of 2018.

BuzzFeed 220

BuzzFeed is all about pop-culture and entertainment. Whether it’s slideshows of adorable puppies or a feature on a celebrity, BuzzFeed covers it. They also have quizzes and plenty of videos for users to explore.

Goodreads 348

Goodreads helps users build a customized list of books they would like to read. It also lets users review books they have read and share them with their followers. Contests and social tools make Goodreads one of the dankest websites of 2018.


Beatport 3349

Beatport is focused on electronic dance music and is aimed primarily at DJs. Even so, anyone can purchase music from the website, including sounds and presets for their digital workstations if they create music.

Apple Music 72

Apple Music is the company’s take on a music subscription service. Users can download songs to iTunes or stream them on the go if they don’t want the songs in their digital library. Apple Music isn’t free, so expect to pay a monthly fee in order to access it.

Wavo 108519

Wavo is an advertising website for musicians and their creations. They have effective resources to help artists get noticed and even hold contests with prizes for those looking to make it big.

Bandcamp 546

Pandora is a US-exclusive music streaming service with both premium and free versions. The site functions as an online radio or on-demand streaming service, depending on how much users pay per month.

Shazam 4561

Shazam helps users recognize songs that are audibly playing. They can use their phone or computer to listen to a song that is playing and determine who the artist is and what the title of the song is. Shazam will also direct users to stores where they can buy recognized tracks.


Twitch 37

Twitch lets users stream content from their video game consoles or PCs so other can watch and interact with them through chat. Users can follow and subscribe to their favorite streamers and even start a channel of their own.

Amazon Video 9

Amazon Video, although not nearly as well-known as Netflix, remains a force to be reckoned with. They produce their own original series and films and serve as a library of additional content from other studios and companies.

Hulu 238

Hulu is home of one of the most recent, critically acclaimed original series, The Handmaid’s Tale. The series won a ton of awards and is a sign of things to come for this video streaming service. Their premium subscription is a close competitor to Netflix’s.

VRV 7580

VRV groups a bunch of streaming services into one, including Funimation and Crunchyroll, and makes it easy for users to stay in one place. Their forte is anime and animated films and series and quirky live action shows that you won’t find anywhere else.

Netflix 26

Netflix remains the king of film and TV streaming, even into 2018. They continue to grow and churn out original content almost monthly. 2017 was a stellar year for them, with Stranger Things 2 and 13 Reasons Why among their standouts. Altered Carbon, a dark sci-fi series is set to hit the service on February 2, which means Netflix has no intention of slowing down.


Slack 245

For businesses and anyone looking to make communication orderly and effective. Slack helps teams put their tasks in order and communicate with other team members across multiple platforms. It easily makes our list of the dankest websites of 2018. 35511 is built for users to share any file, up to 100 megabytes. It’s as simple as dropping a file into the page and uploading it for sharing with anyone for free. Donate to their website so they can keep their services up and running every month.

Amazon Chime 9

Chime is Amazon’s take on video chatting with a premium entry point. There is a 30-day trial, but most of the best features are available when users begin paying monthly. In addition to screen sharing, users can expect high-quality tech support and pristine video quality.


Khan Academy 797

Khan Academy is the perfect supplement to students’ learning habits. There are resources on math, history, and other subjects for free. As the years have passed, Khan Academy has become an effective learning resource for students in high school and even in college.

edX 1037

What if you could take an entire 8-week course from one of the top universities in the United States for free? With edX, you can take short online courses on almost any subject for free. Some courses are self-paced, while others are to be completed within a timeframe. Learn a new skill or brush up on your English on one of the dankest websites of 2018. 151477

The goal of is to get you to learn something new every day of the year. Before you start, will have you build a profile of what you would like to learn about. It will then send an email every day with a reminder to visit the site and participate in their learning activities.


LinkedIn 32

LinkedIn is meant to connect professionals in every industry with potential clients and employees. Profiles are customizable and function as a living resume. Search for jobs or add other professionals to your network.

Upwork 532

Upwork is for freelancers who don’t want to spread themselves out across too many platforms. Freelancers can find work from multiple clients on Upwork and get paid through the system without fear of getting cheated. There is a charge for using the website but plenty of work.

Glassdoor 387

Glassdoor serves as a review hub for businesses and companies of all kinds. Users can input how much they were being paid, the positives and negatives of working at specific companies, and give a brief overview of what it was like working there. A jobs section allows users to find jobs in multiple fields as well.

Indeed 155

Indeed is geared for people looking for jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job at Starbucks or Amazon, Indeed will list the job with a link to either apply directly from the site or from the company website. You can save jobs and keep track of which jobs you have applied for.


Groupon 614

Groupon is one of the best ways to experience new restaurants and services for a discounted price. Users can buy from available “groupons” and redeem them in the restaurant. Examples include $30 worth of food for $22 and breakfast for two for $16.

Honey 2783

Honey tracks down the best price for whatever you’re currently eyeing for purchase. You can search items or install the web extension for in-browser notifications of lower prices somewhere else. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to save some money.

Venmo 4950

Venmo lets friends pay each other for- well, for whatever. You can pay friends for meals they covered or that one time they paid for gas because you didn’t have enough money. Venmo takes money from your bank and sends it to a Venmo balance on your friends’ phones. They can use it straight from there or transfer it to their own bank accounts.

Amazon 9

Amazon continues to drive its competitors to adopt new business strategies as it changes the way shopping is done. You can buy practically anything on Amazon and even get things delivered within two hours with Prime Now. Their Prime membership gives shoppers access to two, free day shipping on thousands of items.

Random and Fun


If there’s a GIF of something on the Internet, chances are that you’ll find it on GIPHY. Users can search by emotion or by hashtag and even by TV show. Similar GIFs will show underneath the selected GIF as recommendations. GIFs can be downloaded in several formats or linked for quick sharing.

Webtoon 1293

A Korean company, Line Webtoon is a website for comic creators to show off their creations. Creators may even become famous and be showcased on the main page if their work is high quality and has a large viewership.

Imgur 57

Imgur began as an image hosting website for Reddit, but quickly became its own community of memes, puns, and just about anything. Anyone can upload and host images on Imgur and share them anywhere.

Tumblr 52

Tumblr is known as a quirky community with unique interests. Artists, photographers, and poets find their home on this social sharing site. Users can reblog or comment on other users’ posts, which exposes those posts to a larger audience. It’s a good place for self-expression and a great way to round off our list of the dankest websites of 2018.

Those are the dankest websites of 2018. Do you have any favorites on this list or maybe some websites that you didn’t know about? Maybe you have some favorites that you want to share. Sound off in the comments!