We constantly need to eat in order to survive, but not all food comes to us cheap. There are physical coupons that you can use to save money, but why not head to your phone for some easy savings instead? Your phone is always with you, so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cutout coupons or ads. There are apps that are specifically made for a store or restaurant while others are more general or have deals for multiple places. Save money on food with these cool apps, which you can download on both iOS and Android devices.


Groupon lets you buy hugely discounted deals on a multitude of items and services. Some deals are shipped to you while others, such as restaurant coupons, are used in person. Once you’ve paid for a groupon, you can turn it in at a restaurant for whatever you’ve bought, such as sushi or pizza.


Checkout51 lets you accumulate cash through cash-back incentives, depending on what and where you buy groceries. There are options, such as buying two of the same item, which will get you cash back once you’ve completed the purchase. You must accumulate at least $20 in bonuses before you can get the money back as a check.


DoorDash is all about delivery of food from a variety of restaurants. There’s typically a delivery fee associated with each purchase, but you can try free delivery with special promotions the app occasionally has.


You may not be a fan of McDonald’s food, but you really have to appreciate their app. It has really great promotions, such as free coffee, buy one get one free, and rebates. McDonald’s has the best app centered around a single fast food restaurant, although you might want to check out others if you want different food.


UberEats is a spin-off of the popular transportation service and delivers food to your doorstep, or wherever you happen to be at the moment. You’ll need to check your city for specifics on UberEats in your area, since pricing and availability will vary.


This app is another cash-back service that accumulates money based on a percentage of what you spend at certain retailers. Pick the retailer that you want to buy from and you’ll be shown what percentage you get back. Ibotta will provide a payout once you have reached at least $20 in cash-back bonuses.

So make sure you save money on food with these cool apps if you aren’t using them already. Are there any apps we forgot to mention in this article? Let us know which apps you prefer using in the comments section!