It can seem nearly impossible to come across new websites that are popular when the sites with the most traffic have usually been around for longer than ten years. The list of top 500 websites, as ranked by Alexa, is full of increasingly familiar websites, such as Amazon and YouTube. That leaves little room for other websites to make their presence known, unless they can really hook you in. The websites on this list have been started up or re-launched in the last few years and have grown to be popular in their own right.

Discord 154

Released in 2015

Discord is a voice and text chat service available on both computers and phones. It is focused on giving gamers a place to communicate with each other. Users can form communities, chat individually, or see what games their friends are playing while using the app. The service is completely free for anyone looking for a great communication platform, even if they’re not gamers.

Patreon 366

Released in 2013

Crowdfunding hasn’t been around for that many years. Patreon has taken the concept and constructed a model that is able to sustain artists on a monthly or project-by-project basis. With Patreon, you can become a creator or patron and give life to some of the most amazing art and entertainment online.

Twine 2 98678

Released in 2017

Twine 2 isn’t necessarily a website, but more of a web browser application and computer program. The purpose of Twine is to create interactive stories that you can share with the world. It has multiple configurations, some of which include advanced CSS and HTML customization.

22 Words 11626

Released in 2008, but only recently became popular

22 Words is the ultimate boredom destroyer on the Internet. Say goodbye to days of wallowing in meaningless existence and go look at cats doing weird things or check out strange vending machines. I’m sure your existential crisis will work itself out if you ignore all the other new websites that are popular and focus on 22 Words.

I Waste So Much Time 15231

Released in 20??

I Waste So Much Time is the cure for people who can’t seem to slow down and insist upon being productive. Forget about building a successful business or taking care of your grandma and spend your time on IWSMT instead. You can browse memes, pictures, and GIFs or you can head over to the random section if you can’t decide.

Gfycat 304

Released in 2015

GIFs have become an incredibly popular means of communication on the Internet. There are several websites that specialize in sharing these moving images, but Gfycat is among the most new and popular. GIFs are categorized based on theme and popularity, such as “funny” and “Aww.”

Imgur 58

Released in 2009, revitalized in 2013

Imgur really blew up in popularity a few years ago when reddit users began hosting most of their images through the website. It has since then become its own thing, with a charismatic and vibrant community. They specialize in images and GIFs and allow almost anyone to upload and share content with a short hyperlink for easy disbursement.

Google Drive 1

Released in 2012

Google Drive is the center for your Google Docs, images, and anything else you need to upload for easy access. You can use the app, or simply go through the browser in order to access your documents almost anywhere. You have limited space, but it should be enough unless you’re a heavy user. If that’s the case, there are several paid plans that increase your storage.

Upwork 554

Released in 2015

Upwork has become one of the most popular and massive online freelance services available. There is a large community of active freelancers and plenty of jobs for freelancers to search and apply for. They do take a substantial percentage of what you make, but that decreases as you earn more.

Line Webtoon 1325

Released in 2014

Line Webtoon was founded in Korea and focuses on distributing comics and comic strips for free. Creators can publish their own creations and might even get the opportunity to get paid for their work if they become popular enough. One of my favorite comic strips is My Giant Nerd Boyfriend due to its charm and humor.

So that’s our top 10 list of new websites that are popular. Did we leave out any of your favorites? If so, let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our 50 Best Websites of 2017 if you have time.