There are now well over 1 billion websites on the Internet, but not all of them are worth your precious time. We’ve got giants like Amazon and Google, but what about the interesting websites that no one talks about? What about the websites that serve almost no purpose at all beyond wasting your time? We built a list of the most useless websites ever so you you didn’t have to wonder anymore.

Is My Computer on Fire? 3548739

I mean, does it really hurt to check? This cool website will answer the question you’ve been asking yourself every time you sit down at your computer. “Is my computer on fire?”

Chicken on a Raft 671160

Are you ready to spend an undetermined amount of time on a raft with a chicken wearing sunglasses? This website will play an obnoxious song about a chicken on a raft while you sit there and waste away. It keeps track of how long you’ve been on the raft with the chicken. Have fun and don’t stay for too long.

Bury Me with My Money 118806

He falls from the sky and asks to be buried with his money. Then another guy falls and also asks to be buried with his money as well and then the process continues forever. I doubt this website poses any sort of existential question, but instead serves as a distraction from those important questions. If a website isn’t making you question your life’s meaning, then wouldn’t you categorize it as one of the most useless websites ever?

RRR GGG BBB 151349

Drag your mouse over the letters R, G, and B to hear a robotic voice pronounce each letter. The website isn’t even made that well, with audio cutting out if you’re not precise with your mouse. I have so many questions, but none of them made me want to spend any more time on this stupid website.

Bees Bees Bees 159081

Oprah Winfrey and bees. Watch a zoomed in GIF of Oprah unleashing a hoard of bees upon her ecstatic audience. The short animation loops indefinitely and that’s pretty much it. Everyone seems more happy than they should be, considering they’re all going to be stung repeatedly.

ZOMBO 172086

“Welcome to Zombo com. This is Zombo com.” Listen to the many features that offers for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at what the interesting website offers. The problem is that it spends an eternity giving absolutely no information because the website has no purpose beyond wasting your time.

How to Waste Your Time 2320785

Do you need to learn how to waste your time before you actually go about doing it? Just hit the “start wasting time” button and go about your business, or lack thereof. Make sure to stay on the page. Don’t open any other tabs or do anything but stare at the screen. You can’t risk the possibility of actually using your time for something valuable. 879511 will take you to even more pointless websites that could have been on this list of the most useless websites ever. It may be the most dangerous of these websites because you may not run of content. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

Fidget Spin 2843277

Ah, the classy fidget spinner trend. There are plenty of sites out there that let you play with a virtual version of the nifty device. This website has some cool features, such as keeping track of your spins and maximum RPM. You can unlock some more fidget spinners to play with based on the number of total spins.

Check Your Privilege 6209135

What’s not to love about Check Your Privilege? I think this may be at the top of the most useless websites ever. Make sure to check the box if you need to check your privilege.