We recently published an article on the 10 most useless websites ever. Who would have thought that there are more of these out there? It’s like people are naturally attracted to meaningless shenanigans in order to escape the cruelty of reality. Anyway, I won’t waste more of your time and get straight to it, here are 10 more useless websites.

heeeeeeeey.com 109127


hooooooooo.com 133963


I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples 167151

I don’t understand the idea behind this website, but it’s still freaking hilarious. You use your cursor to hover over the apple and try to get the fat lady to eat it. Whoever came up with this flash animation should seriously consider a career in animation, maybe at Disney.

Purple.com 24335

I almost want to argue against saying that this site simply qualifies as an entry on this list of more useless websites. You may think the website is nothing more than the color purple, but there are a couple links at the top left corner. What makes Purple.com special is the FAQ section and the sale section, which says that the website will only be sold for “$1.5 million (USD).”

Pointer Pointer 95643

On Pointer Pointer, you can drag your cursor to any place on the small box, leave it for a second, and you will get a picture where a hand is pointing at whatever spot you left it. It’s really eerie at first, at least until you realize that there are only a limited number of photos.

nooooooooooooooo.com 192462

More useless websites should follow the example of this creative site. It’s beautiful. Disappointed by something? Hit the button to hear Darth Vader scream in agony. Didn’t get your way? Hit the button. Hate life? Hit the button. Don’t have a reason to hit the button? Still, go ahead and hit the button.

NYAN.CAT! 173527

Remember Nyan Cat? It was popular way back in 2011, but most people have forgotten about the flying cat with a Pop-Tart body that left behind a rainbow as it flew across the galaxy. This website links to a few games based on the cat, tracks the number of seconds you’ve been “nyaning,” and even has a shop. You can “pick a flavor” of Nyan Cat if you’re not into the vanilla one and would rather have Pikachu, for example.

Patience is a Virtue 264699

This is the stuff of nightmares. Don’t stay there too long.


Just watch and don’t ask any questions. Questions lead to despair.

The Last Page of the Internet 2427165

This one has a really weird domain name. Seriously though, turn off your computer and go do something productive with your life. 

We’ve provided you with 10 more useless websites. I’m not sure if they will improve your life, but hopefully you’ll get a chuckle out of them. Can you return the favor and leave a comment with one or several of your favorites?