We’re becoming increasingly scared of socializing with other human beings as we become more advanced. Why talk to a person in real life when you can text or call them? Why go to an actual marketplace when you can sit on your computer and shop so you don’t have to deal with the terror of humanity? We can even buy groceries and furniture with just a few clicks of a button or taps on our phone screens. Here are some of the best places to shop online if you’re not feeling like going to a physical store. We present a brief list of online marketplaces where you can buy almost anything.

Newegg 601

Newegg specializes in selling all types of electronic devices to consumers online. They’ve expanded to include categories such as apparel, and health and sports, most likely in response to Amazon’s far-reaching arm. They have their own premium service called Newegg Premiere, where you receive several benefits and special sales.

Rakuten 3061

Rakuten is known for its point system, where customers are rewarded with Rakuten Super Points that they can use to get discounts on purchases or a variety of products. They offer food, clothing, electronics and more, and also have a global market where you can purchase products from Japan. They also have their own app on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

Etsy 181

There are some really creative people in the world who use Etsy to sell their hand crafted, limited-run products to consumers. You might need to act fast if an item only has one or two copies available. Anyone can open their own shop on Etsy and start selling their unique products online by signing up here. 

Udemy 322

This cool website sells courses that teach you anything from programming to music theory. Udemy routinely holds sales where courses are discounted up to 95% or go individually for $10. You can become an instructor through their website and dive into a pool of over 17 million students worldwide. 

Shopify 600

Shopify gives users a powerful set of customization tools for their personal online stores and provides 24/7 support. Their pricing options for membership vary and offer a wide selection of benefits.

Volusion 27389

With Volusion, you can partner with multiple popular technological partners in order to sell and ship your products to the world. You can unlock powerful tools for managing and marketing your products if you subscribe to their premium service. 

Sell.com 220952

Based in Texas and founded in 1999, Sell.com may not have the sleekest interface, but it still earns a spot on our list of online marketplaces due to its functionality and support. You can import your listings from Google Products and eBay in order to widen your consumer base. There’s a small section where keywords are displayed based on popular product searches.

OfferUp 2874

OfferUp is a cool website that specializes in helping users sell their products and unwanted items to local buyers. They currently only offer their services in the United States, but have “global ambitions” for the future. They have their own app and and continue to grow quickly as a business.

eBay 39

eBay is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and houses a network of sellers where both new and used products are listed and sold. eBay is known for its auction system, but also offers instant buy options for those not wanting to deal with the stress of auctions. You can set up your own account and sell unwanted items, but be aware that you’ll be charged once you make the sale.

Amazon 9

It’s basically impossible to craft a list of online marketplaces without including Amazon in some form or another. Amazon is dominating multiple markets and even competing against Walmart, and other popular retailers. They offer products in any category you can think of and even have their own streaming services called Amazon Video and Amazon Music. Amazon Prime members can even purchase from a selection of products and have them delivered to their home within 2 hours with Prime Now.