Although the Internet is largest source of information out there, what you’ll find is not always helpful for learning. Some websites are designed to waste your time while others are only after your money. But there are definitely thousands of websites that exist so you can learn more about the world and about yourself. The 8 websites we list make learning a vital part of their purpose and we hope you’ll benefit from visiting them. These are some of the most interesting websites to learn something new. 151477 is set up to get you to visit the site at least once a day. When you first start out, the website will ask you about your interests in several areas. Based on your answers, you will get a personalized curious quotient (CQ) that will be turned into a visual wheel. will then assign challenges and learning material to slowly immerse you in the topics you want to learn about.

Duolingo 884

Many of us want to learn a second or third language but just don’t have the time or resources to do so. Duolingo has several options for those of us wanting to learn a language for free. They even have the option to learn High Valerian from Game of Thrones if you’re feeling extra royal.

Wikipedia 5

Just head to the front page of Wikipedia every day for a new, random featured entry about whatever. You can search almost anything and have a wealth of information readily available. It may not look like it from the interface, but Wikipedia is one of the most interesting websites to learn something new.

Codecademy 1890

Coding is completely foreign to most of us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Codecademy seeks to bridge the gap between the code language illiterate and the common folk. The site teaches HTML, CSS, Java, and more to those who are willing to put in some effort. And it does this all for free through tutorials and practice examples.

YouTube (Specific Channels) 2

YouTube has more educational videos on it than any other website, but only because of the sheer number of videos on it. There are way too many useless videos and it can be difficult to find videos that are worth your time. Here are a few channels that focus on education and where you can be sure you won’t waste your time.

  1. PBS Idea Channel – This channel is all about technology, pop culture, and various art forms. They’ll focus on any topic as long as it’s interesting.
  2. ExtraCreditz – They focus mostly on video game design and criticism, but also have several videos teaching history.
  3. TED-Ed – They’re focused on videos about education in just about any subject.
  4. #Education – I don’t think I need to explain what this channel is about.

Skillshare 4421

Here you’ll find professionals who have designed courses to teach skills that they have mastered. Want to be a better writer, but focus specifically on character development? You’ve come to the right place. There are 17,000 classes to pick from if you’re a premium member, but only 1,000 if you’re a free member, but that shouldn’t stop you from spending your time here.

Udemy 322

There are some free courses on Udemy, but the content is predominantly paid content. That’s fine because the website is constantly holding sales of up to 90% off. Professionals in the industry create some of the courses available on things like writing or programming, so you can be sure that they’re legit.

Coursera 690

There are over 2,000 free courses to pick from on Coursera, so you don’t have to subscribe if you want to get a bit of learning in. But Coursera is the most beneficial when you pay a little money for all its services. Because of the rich, meaty content, this rounds off our list of the most interesting websites for learning something new.