It can be tough to pick out the good Android games from the bad ones when searching the Google Play Store, which you can find out how to download and install here. There are thousands of games on the store, with more being added every day. Some developers out there have games that deserve your time, and maybe even your money, while others don’t. We’ve put together a short list of 10 fun games on Android devices. The games are not in any particular order and vary in price, with some containing extra paid content.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Free

Nintendo finally brought their popular role-playing strategy game to mobile devices with Fire Emblem Heroes. The game takes the critically acclaimed gameplay from the main games and simplifies it for on-the-go battles. You can use orbs to summon new heroes and test their abilities in battle. You can level them up and increase their rank to unlock new abilities and attacks. It’s addictive and true to the Fire Emblem formula.

The World Ends With You - $18

Some would say that The World Ends With You is the best handheld game ever made. This JRPG mixes fast-paced touch combat with amazing visuals and a funky soundtrack that few games match. The high asking price may initially turn you off to the game, but it shouldn’t if you know how much time you can sink into it. This is a big game and worth every cent.

Injustice 2 - Free

Although not nearly as impressive as its console counterpart, Injustice 2 on Android does a great job of keeping the spirit of the full game alive. Unlock DC superheroes and play against others online or go through the story mode, as well as any of the other modes available. You’ll be playing this one for quite a while, especially if you’re a DC fan or just a fan of fighting games.

Hearthstone - Free

Hearthstone has been out for a few years, but its popularity is not slowing down any time soon. It is one of the most fun games on Android at the moment due to its strategic gameplay and selection of powerful cards. The online player base is incredibly competitive, so make sure to look up some training tutorials before you start playing online.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump - Free

Magikarp Jump is not exactly a game you’d ever expect to release on anything but a parody site. The funny thing is that the game is incredibly fun and charming. Feed and train your Magikarp to be the very best that ever was. Face off against other Magikarps and see if yours can jump the highest. Despite its silly premise, Magikarp Jump manages to be one of the most fun games on Android.

Lara Croft GO - $5

Lara Croft GO won multiple awards for its new take on the puzzle genre when it launched. You maneuver Lara through countless obstacles and enemies in order to collect mythical treasure. Collect as much as you can and make sure to repeat levels to get anything you might have missed the first time around.

Card Thief - Free

Card Thief is not the most well-known game out there, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The gameplay puts a new spin on stealth games by using playing cards as the medium for stealing treasure. In addition, the quirky art style is sure to make you fall in love with the thoughtful mechanics.

Skullgirls - Free

Skullgirls has been out on PC and consoles for a while now, but has just made its way to Android devices. It’s a fighting game where you square off against characters in fights that are short, exciting, and get straight to the point. The animations are beautifully hand drawn and the art style is unique and flashy.

Fallout Shelter - Free

Ever wanted to build a shelter to protect yourself from the eventual end of the world? Fallout Shelter lets you build an expansive underground living space where you can house hundreds of residents. Your goal is to survive by providing resources, protecting against raids, and helping your residents multiply and expand.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition - $7

Minecraft not only belongs on this list of the most fun games on Android, but on almost any list of games. If not due to quality, then certainly due to its popularity. Build and explore the world and then build a little more and then do some more exploring. Some schools even use Minecraft for education purposes! Check it out and see if it’s something you would enjoy.

That’s our list! What do you think are the most fun games on Android? Did we miss some that you thought should have been on the list? Sound off in the comments or check out our article on the top iOS games of 2016.