Memes have become the new form of self-expression in this bizarre digital age. You could say that books have become outdated; memes are the new literature and I’m okay with that. Whether it’s the relatability they bring, or simply the lack of reverence, memes simply can’t be stopped. Don’t know where to start? You can’t really get away from them, but if you really want to explore them, you can find the best websites for memes in this article.

Know Your Meme 838

Know Your Meme is all about popular memes and what they actually mean. They are categorized by topic and then each page has a short history of how the meme came to exist. Visit Know Your Meme if you just don’t understand why a particular meme is funny and you’ll probably walk away (click away, I mean) feeling enlightened.

Reddit 8

Reddit is one of the largest originators of thousands, even millions of memes of varying quality. The countless subreddits are dedicated to different topics, with several focusing on memes. You can head over to r/memes if you want to check out what the cool kids are up to nowadays. Any one of these subreddits could have been included as one of the best websites for memes, but then we’d just have a list of subreddits.

Quick Meme 35953

Quick Meme is simple and lets users caption their own memes with common backdrops from established memes. You can hit the random button to browse, well, random memes.

Cheezburger 4578

Cheezburger is a little confusing to maneuver when you first boot up the website. As with most meme sites, you kind of have to just go with your gut and click on whatever looks interesting. This cool website is most made up of “top” articles with varying numbers of items. Cheezburger are the masterminds behind Know Your Meme, so you can switch over to that site any time you want to with a simple click.

9GAG 330

9GAG wants users to either stay on the main page, or click on tags leading to other topics. You can spend hours on the main page if you haven’t been on the site for a long time. The content just keeps scrolling, but you’ll probably stop once you reach the previous point you were browsing.

Imgur 58

Imgur, like most of the websites on this list, has a very unified user-base. The majority of the community posts like-minded content and can be brutal if you diverge with your posts. You kind of have to know what will be accepted and what won’t before you post.

Me.Me 6768

“Find. Dank. Memes.” Not a bad few words to be greeted by when you open a site looking for dank memes. You can input whatever you think of into the search field or hit one of the many categories underneath. If you’re feeling really lazy, you can scroll further down and get right into popular memes. 

Funnyjunk 2094

Where to start with Funnyjunk? The setup for the website is ridiculously clunky, but you can tell it was made that way on purpose. It’s definitely designed so the popular memes are at the forefront, so go somewhere else if you want stale memes. Those sites probably won’t be one of the best websites for memes.

Giphy 508

Images can only express so much emotion before you need to break out some GIFs. Giphy is all about the animated medium, with multiple sections to break up the chaos. You should check out Reaction GIFs first, which is one of the most popular sections on Giphy.

Instagram 14

Instagram was once a nice place to see pictures of your friends and their more interesting lives. Now it’s a breeding ground for memes of all kinds. I’ve stopped caring about my friends and now spend hours finding the next relatable meme. You can start on the Memes page and I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest. You might not even need to browse other best websites for memes if you stay strictly on Instagram.