Writing in English is kind of like building a tower with random objects pieced together with twenty types of tapes, tacks, and glues. Anyone can do it, but some towers collapse immediately while others only stand for a few minutes. It takes years of learning and practice to finally know what you’re doing, and even then, it’s a baffling process. The Internet has become an almost limitless source of good and bad writing advice, so I picked these 8 cool websites that teach you writing so you can improve your craft.

Grammar Girl 20875

Hosted on Quick and Dirty Tips, Grammar Girl is all about improving grammar in your writing, as implied by the name. There are many articles that deal with just one or two words, and others that deal with topics such as the history of English Spelling. Articles deal with all types of writing in the English language. You might find yourself spotting an article every once in a while when you google for writing tips.

Purdue Online Writing Lab 2013

Purdue Online Writing Lab is mostly centered around academic writing and includes guides on MLA, APA, general writing, poetry, and more. You’ll find sections on how to write in a particular style or source research material properly; you’ll also find resources for teachers and tutors.

Writer's Digest 31904

Writer’s Digest is an incredible resource for all types of writers, both beginners and veterans alike. You’ll find articles on editing, publishing, styles of writing, and genre-specific techniques. My favorite section is writing science fiction and fantasy, which is self-explanatory. You can also check out competitions and subscribe to their newsletter.

The Writing Cooperative 113456

You’ll find articles on all types of writing techniques and, well, just about anything that has to do with writing. The writers who contribute add their own individual flavor to the website. Become a member for only $3 to gain access to all the articles on the website and help support their creation.

Daily Writing Tips 42733

This website doesn’t actually have daily writing articles, but they do their best to put up posts as often as they can. They cover all sorts of topics, all to strengthen the quality of your writing.

Think Written 232333

There are plenty of cool websites that teach you writing, but it can be tough to pick out ones with more than just a few posts. Think Written is a great source of tips and tricks for creative writers in particular. There are some articles on publishing and writing for specific audiences too. Their most impressive article is filled with 365 creative writing prompts for those wanting to challenge themselves.

Goodreads 344

Goodreads isn’t really about teaching you how to write, but more of a digital reading list where you can review books you’ve read and add others to your future reading wishlist. Why is it on this list? If you’re serious about becoming a fantastic writer, you need to read. It doesn’t mean that you have to exclusively read books, but books are definitely one of the best sources for learning language and vocabulary.

NaNoWriMo 93873

This one is not necessarily among the cool websites that teach you writing, but it will help you with your novel writing habits. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. This website challenges users to write an entire novel in the month of November. You’re allowed to plan and outline in the months leading up to November, but you’re encouraged to write the entire first draft in a single month. There is a great community to interact with and in-person meetups where you can get motivation for finishing your book.