Your apartment is looking a bit bland, or maybe you’ve just moved in and need to buy some furniture or decorations. You don’t actually have to go to a physical store to buy furnishings for your apartment anymore. You can do all your shopping online or through a combination of both. It really depends on what is more convenient for you. We’ve put together a list of cool websites that sell apartment stuff so you can get started on making your place more homelike.

Apt2B 187522

You can find just about anything you need for your apartment on Apt2B. From sofas, to dining room tables, beds, chairs, and even decor, if you’re looking to personalize your living space a little more. There’s also a separate section for products that are made exclusively in the United States.

Wayfair 841

Wayfair routinely holds sales on its wide variety of products, which includes decorations for the holidays. Products are separated by which part of the house they belong in. Wayfair also gives users the option to sign up for a credit card, which they can use on more than 5000 brands of products.

Etsy 181

This website is more suited for buying decorations that you can place around your apartment. Products on Etsy are usually limited run and built by hand, by people like you and me. You want to go here if you want to give your apartment a special flavor. There are plenty of things on here that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Urban Outfitters 1758

Urban Outfitters easily earns a place on our list of cool websites that sell apartment stuff. The website is more of a clothing site, but it does have a fantastic section on apartments. Although it’s not the focus, they do have a great variety of things you can buy for your apartment. Their products are really nice and have plenty of diversity between them.

Overstock 1621

There are plenty of quirky decorations you can buy at Overstock. Many of the designs for products are unique and not found in other stores. Overstock also sells things for the outdoors if you have access to any place like that.

Target 386

It might be a good idea to do all your apartment shopping at Target, especially if you have REDCard. You can buy any electronics or clothing as well, shortening the time it takes to check other stores. If there’s a Target nearby where you live, you can send products you buy online to that store so you can pick it up in person, or you can just get them shipped to you.

Craigslist 102

Craigslist is the perfect place to go for local deals on just about anything. Most of what you’ll buy is used, but you’re going to be spending less money on here. The only drawback is that you’ll probably have to pick up whatever you buy in person.

eBay 39

If you’re into bidding, eBay might be your website of choice for buying apartment stuff. Many listings include a “buy it now” option, which skips past the bidding process and lets you buy the product for a set amount. Be sure to read the listing details for seller instructions as well as a summary of the product’s condition.

Dormify 126789

Finishing up our list of cool websites that sell apartment stuff is Dormify. This website sells furnishings for any type of living space. If you want to buy products specifically for your apartment, you can go to their apartment section. They hold sales pretty often, so make sure to take advantage of those.