Despite the recent shift to cell phone use, websites designed for making video calls are still going strong. There are a growing number of ways to chat on camera, whether it’s for work or catching up with friends. These are the 8 cool websites for video calls that you should check out.

Zoom 451

Zoom has become one of the most popular platforms for holding meetings, especially in the professional world. There are a variety of features, such as file and screen sharing, so it’s perfect for professional use. The fact that you can schedule times to meet in virtual rooms adds another level of utility.

Slack 245

Although not primarily a video chatting service, Slack handles the function well. The fact that you don’t have to visit another website or app makes Slack incredibly convenient. You can transition between your workflow into calls seamlessly, although you’ll need to have the paid version for certain types of calls.

Google Hangouts 1

It seems like Google makes it a point to take over every area of the Internet. They’ve got fingers in all the metaphorical pies, so why not have them in the video chatting pie as well? Google Hangouts lets you use your phone number to call others through your computer or phone. You can participate in video meetings with up to ten people for free.

Gruveo 88705

Gruveo is one of the most convenient websites for video chatting. You don’t have to worry about downloading an app or program; all you have to do is copy and paste an invitation link. It’s the perfect service for last-minute calls.

Discord 152

Discord was designed with gamers in mind, but that shouldn’t keep everyone else from taking advantage of it. Its functionality is similar to Slack’s, where you can break off text conversations by topic. If you are a gamer, you can link your gaming accounts to Discord for added support.

Amazon Chime 36704

Amazon has recently released a video chatting service of their own, named Chime. It’s free to use, like all the other websites on this list, but does have a subscription option if you’re looking for more features. Amazon Chime tries to get users to stay on this one platform for all communication, so they don’t have to go back and forth between applications. 9921 integrates with other programs, such Office 365 and Outlook. This website has all the features you’d expect from a video chatting service, with some added gimmicks. A cool feature included in is the “whiteboarding” feature, where a canvas for drawing is provided to users.

Skype 423

Skype was the go-to platform for video chatting for many years. Since then, Skype has run into some technical problems that caused other services to seize a share of the market. Despite this, Skype is still an excellent platform for communication and easily makes it on our list of 8 cool websites for video calls that you should check out.

Which are your favorite cool websites for video calls? Have any others you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!