Math is a really popular subject for students of all learning levels to hate. Part of the reason people dislike math is because it’s so difficult to understand. The fact that it’s a requirement for most of a student’s academic career makes it even more infamous for those who aren’t as skilled at it. The Internet has a ridiculous amount of resources to aid students in their study of math. Some websites focus on math while others cover a wide range of subjects. Despite all the resources out there, many of them aren’t helpful or visually appealing in their setup. These are 7 cool websites for studying math that you should check out if you’re feeling stuck or just need a refresher. 1259 might not be the place to go if you’re looking for free resources. All content is locked behind a paid subscription after a 5 day free trial. Academic subjects are covered through comprehensive teaching videos, some of which even help students earn college credit. There are exams and practice exercises to make sure you stay on top of your learning process. You can study any subject provided on the website, so you don’t just have to stick to math if you need help with others.

Wolfram Alpha 4095

Input an equation, statement, or question into Wolfram Alpha’s search bar and you’ll get plenty of entries to wade through. You can find a massive amount of information on this site. The math section provides answers to equations in multiple formats. You can check how to work out the problem if you subscribe to the pro subscription. 

Math Help 173011

Another paid resource, Math Help teaches you math from middle school through college prep. Math Help assists students test out of college-level math courses as long as they aren’t too advanced. The video lessons and practice sections will get students ready for what’s to come.

iPractice Math 283117

iPractice Math is all about high school level mathematics that follow the common core standards. There are practice problems and grade-specific teaching materials to supplement what students are learning in school. If you’re in high school, this is one of the most cool websites for studying math.

Khan Academy 797

Khan Academy should find a place on any list of websites for learning. The math section is one of Khan Academy’s most popular destinations. The website has really stepped it up in terms of presentation and functionality, now providing practice questions to test what you’ve learned. Chances are, if you’ve been stuck on some idea or two for a long time, this website’s videos can help you through whatever problem you’re facing.

Mathway 9149

Pick the level of math that your problem belongs in and type out an equation. It’s that simple. You’ll be given prompts on how to solve the equation and steps on how to get the answer. Mathway delivers what many students are actually looking for, and even has its own apps for those wanting to solve on the go.

SparkNotes 2906

Yes. SparkNotes is more than just summaries of Shakespeare plays. Who would have thought? Math is taught in text form, with example problems after each section for clarity. The math portion of the website may not be as popular as the Literature summaries, but it does its job well. This ends our list of 7 cool websites for studying math. “3 + 4” anyone?