You may be just moving to New York City or you could be looking for a new place to move into. There are quite a few websites that help you narrow down your search for an affordable apartment. If you’re living in New York City, there are even some sites that deal specifically with the city. We’ve gathered some cool websites for finding apartments in NYC so you can find your next home.

Naked Apartments 32030

Naked Apartments lets you view pictures of available apartments and displays other listings of rooms in the same building. You can get information about the apartment building and the street it’s on, as well as nearby restaurants and public transportation.

Urban Pads NYC 2571676

You can use keywords, as well as other useful parameters, to find apartments in New York City through Urban Pads NYC. They have now provided the option to share a living space with a roommate at a decreased price.

StreetEasy 4595

StreetEasy has the option to look for apartments, but also allows you to purchase property in New York. The site has its own buyers guide to help out those less experienced with purchasing property. If you’re just looking for an apartment, you can switch over to the rentals section and search for your ideal place to live.

Craigslist 101

You may have to be a bit more careful when looking for someplace to stay on Craigslist. Make sure you do your research and get the proper documentation filled out before you commit to anything. Despite the risk, you can find some really good deals on Craigslist if you look hard enough.

NYBits 165980

If you’re interested in getting statistics about listings in the area, then this site should definitely make it on your list of cool websites for finding apartments in NYC.

Loftey 265369

Loftey has a process that takes several steps which will help you find an ideal apartment in New York City. The website is clean and also provides testimonials of people who have used the service. They promise high quality service and no additional fees.

Compass 45462

Compass is one of the few services that has its own app available for download although the app is only available on iOS devices at the moment. This site isn’t just dedicated to New York City, but also allows users to search for apartments around the country. 

Zillow 213

Set up an online account with Zillow to streamline your search for an apartment around the country. The website lets users find apartments almost anywhere in New York City and provides several options for users. You can use an interactive map to scroll around and find exactly where listings are available. 3038765 has been around since 1995 and is still going strong. It’s one of the oldest cool websites for finding apartments in NYC specifically. You can check out their testimonials section for insight into their quality of service.

HotPads 6179

HotPads lets you search for either homes or apartments to rent, depending on where you’re looking. The website has the option to enable search alerts if there’s a new property that fits your desired parameters. 1761 lets you search for a wide variety of residences to rent out, including condos, apartments, homes, and more. You’re not exclusively locked to New York, but can also search for places to live in across the country.