They’re not quite videos, and not exactly images. GIFs are basically sets of moving images that you can use in a variety of online contexts. Most people use them to express emotions they can’t express through text or to make a direct reference to a movie or series. Whatever their real purpose was supposed to be, we can’t deny that we’re obsessed with them. These are the most cool websites for finding animated GIFs that you should keep on your radar; seriously, bookmark these sites.


GIPHY seems like nothing more than a wall of GIFs when you first load up the website, but you soon find out that there is a method to the insanity. You can browse GIFs by category and search using tags. Once you’ve loaded up a GIF’s page, you can download it in several formats or share it with your friends, family, and complete strangers. GIPHY also gives users the ability to make their own custom GIFs from links or videos.

Tenor 5865

Tenor is perfect for your phone because it acts as a digital keyboard for sending GIFs of all types. That’s only the case if you download the app to your phone. The site is still fantastic if you browse it on your computer. Upload your own GIFs or browse them by searching for tags.

Reddit 12

Reddit is a multipurpose website, but is still one of the most cool websites for finding animated GIFs. There are dozens and maybe even hundreds of subreddits that focus on GIFs. Each subreddit has its own specialization for what type of GIF they display while some of them are broader. Here are some examples:

  1. /r/gifs
  2. /r/gifextra
  3. /r/reversegif
  4. /r/aww_gifs

Gfycat 304

You’re hit with a trending page as soon as you boot up the Gfycat home page. The GIF of the day is prominently displayed at the top of the website (it does change if you let it loop enough so it’s more accurately a featured GIF), alongside the search bar. Searching tags seems to be a common theme on these sites, but why fix what isn’t broken, right?

Imgur 58

You’ll have to search specifically for GIFs on Imgur, or you could head over to the section r/gifs for all the most recently uploaded GIFs. Although Imgur doesn’t primarily focus on GIFs, the website makes it really easy to embed and share them across almost all social media sites.

GIF Finder 214584

Finishing off our short list of cool websites for finding animated GIFs is GIF Finder. The funnest feature on GIF Finder is the “random gif” button under the featured image. You can quickly jump through dozens of GIFs you may or may not have seen in seconds. Then you can copy the GIF or share it across several social media sites.