The Internet has drastically changed up how we find and apply for jobs. Not only can we find jobs online, but most of the application process is now also done online. Where do you turn to if you’re a college student and you aren’t necessarily looking for a full time job? Here are some really cool websites for college students to find jobs or internships, whether that’s online or in person.

Indeed 157

Indeed is the first place you should look for any jobs or internships even if it’s not summer. There are plenty of options no matter the industry and numerous paid and unpaid internships for students to apply for. Just search for your desired job by typing in keywords and specify where you’re looking for work. Indeed also has a worldwide version of the website if you’re not located in the United States.

Glassdoor 390

Glassdoor is big on receiving and displaying feedback about different companies, the salaries they provide, and opinions of previous employees. This can be helpful when looking for a job with a specific employer. You can provide your own feedback on a company you liked or didn’t like.

Upwork 554

If you want to do flexible freelance work, then you should check out Upwork. Your profile works as an online resume when bidding for jobs posted by clients. Make sure you realize that they take a part of your earnings due to the excellent payment protection Upwork offers.

Monster 1942

You can search for jobs, overviews on companies, and advice from other people through Monster. They boast millions of available jobs and allow recruiters to find users through their online profiles. Monster is one of the most cool websites for college students to find jobs and internships.

LinkedIn 32

LinkedIn functions as an online resume that you can update as your career develops. You can write down your education and link it to an existing page for the school. Other users you’re linked with can endorse you for particular skills that you have marked down on your personal page.

Career Builder 4136

Save and apply to jobs around the country with Career Builder. You can also search for internships and upload your resume for employers to look at. There is a section where you can search jobs by the industry they belong in, like Legal and Marketing. 68504

Maybe you’d rather use your experience from the academic world to tutor another, younger student. Sign up for a category that you think you have experience in and wait for the website to approve you. Then start tutoring students in a multitude of subjects and get paid.

Guru 13744

Guru is another freelance website where more than $200 million has been paid to freelancers. Join a community of more than 1.5 million users and find your next gig there.

Freelancer 1585

Freelancer is similar to Guru and Upwork when finding jobs, but is still unique in its own way. There is a chat system where you can talk with your clients and projects you can start on your own.

snagajob 6843

Search a multitude of cities for hourly work in a variety of fields on snagajob. You can search by category and location and then filter results through several parameters. You can apply for a job if you feel that you are qualified for the position. This finishes our list of cool websites for college students to find jobs or internships.