The Internet is full of websites everyone knows about and uses often. There are some websites that fall through the cracks, or aren’t as widely used as they should be. Some of these websites are well known, but are they really used to their full potential?  Here are 10 cool websites everyone should know about, no matter what they do online.

Dropbox 105

You might not always be using the same device depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Dropbox solves this issue by letting you upload and download files from almost any device. There is very little storage when you first join, but you can subscribe for unlimited storage, or settle for 2 TB with the standard plan.

Wikipedia 5

Remember when teachers would tell you not to get sources from Wikipedia because it wasn’t reliable for information? Wikipedia has become much more reliable with displaying accurate information. It’s mostly lesser-known entries that have issues with facts. Although professors still won’t let you use Wikipedia as a source for an essay, that shouldn’t stop you from learning all you can from the website.

Bing 42

Google may not be cutting it for you, for whatever reason. Bing is a great alternative, although not as visually clean from a design standpoint. Bing works best when you’re immersed in Microsoft’s ecosystem of apps and programs, but it is still great for any person on any device. The search engine is also tied to Microsoft Rewards, which can earn you points that you can trade in for gift cards and contest entries.

Kickstarter 559

There may be products out there that you don’t even know about because they haven’t been funded yet. You can be part of their creation through Kickstarter. You can pledge money to projects from around the world and help creators bring their visions to life. Kickstarter is one of the most cool websites everyone should know about because of the innovation that begins there.

Steam 190

You may not be a PC gamer, or even a gamer at all, but you should still know about Steam. The biggest marketplace for digital games on the Internet, Steam lets you purchase, gift, and play all the latest PC games out there. You can manage your profile online or through the Steam app. 

PayPal 68

PayPal is the best way to pay online and has even become a reliable way to pay for things in person. You can use the standard features or set up a business account for extra services.

LinkedIn 32

LinkedIn has changed the way we apply to jobs or internships. Some employers accept it as a resume and even let you apply to jobs through the website. Fill in your information and connect with other professionals.

Apple Music 72

There are plenty of music subscription services on the Internet, but the best may be Apple Music. You can try 3 months for free and then pay $9.99 per month to take advantage of Apple’s entire music library.

WordPress 64

WordPress now powers millions of websites around the Internet, even ones you may not know about. It’s easy to get started and allows for more advanced website designers to take advantage of their skills.

Gmail 1

Gmail should be your email service of choice unless you have a company email. Some businesses even use a Gmail account as their main email. It’s simple, clean, and has plenty of storage space for old emails, which makes it one of the most cool websites everyone should know about.