Gone are the days when we purposefully went out to physically socialize with other people. Only crazy people would think of having a face-to-face conversation with another human being. We put ourselves at risk when we lock eyes in real life; it’s fine as long as it’s over a screen. Thankfully, we can relegate most social interactions to our phones so we don’t have to actually see anyone. We’ve put together a list of 8 cool apps for socializing with friends, family, and random strangers.


By far the most intimate app on this list, and not just because you can send virtually any picture or video to individuals at any time, Snapchat revolutionized instant messaging. You can put up snaps for friends or the public to immediately view or you can send snaps to individuals if you have something more personal to express.


Forget about Facebook; Messenger is the app that you want to download. Facebook has become too opinionated and full of politics in the past few years. Why not stick to messaging people directly or in awkwardly-named groups? You can also view any images or videos friends decide to put up publicly.


Would any list of cool apps for socializing with other people be complete without Instagram on it? It’s ultimately up to you, but the right answer is “yes.”

Instagram stole Snapchat’s thunder with its “stories” feature but also has its traditional photo posts. Instagram has added the ability to add multiple photos per post if you feel limited. Write something pretentiously philosophical under your photo and you’re set.


Ah, Twitter. This isn’t really the place for emotional rants about how horrible your life is or for sharing every detail about your everyday life… unless you’re famous and people actually care. Twitter is a great place to market yourself or your brand and interact with popular figures in almost every industry. Get out there and network!


WeChat feels a bit more closed than the other social apps on this list. You might want to opt for WeChat if you want a little more privacy from the outside world.


Pinterest is for all the ladies out there, and any men who decided that they don’t care about social pressures. Good for them, who needs social pressure anyway? Pinterest is for sharing ideas and pictures about those ideas, whether it’s the next fabulous wedding dress or set of tea cups.


Out of all the cool apps for socializing, Reddit is the most hostile. You’re not really interacting with people you know in real life, so people are more inclined to say whatever they want. You’ll need skin as hard as volcanic rock if you’re going to post on here. Word of advice: don’t use your real name on Reddit, ever.


Tumblr has a very distinct culture, one that is thematically obsessed. If you’re interested in something specific, no matter how specific, you can find an endless amount of content on it. Tumblr is all about posting and sharing other people’s posts. Do it.

There you have it. Did this list of cool apps for socializing meet your expectations or do you disagree with any or all the choices we provided? Scream out your opinion in the comments and let us know what you think.