Digital technology has drastically changed and improved what we can do with music and how we make music. Laptops helped music producers and musicians take their music making on the go, and phones took that even further. You can make music no matter where you are because all you really need is your phone or tablet. Music making apps aren’t quite at the level that computer software is, but they have become increasingly sophisticated. We scoured the Internet and put together a list of 8 cool apps for producing music on your iOS device.

GarageBand - Free

GarageBand is the most well-known and easily accessible app for making music on iOS. The app is bursting with features, including a drum machine, 32 track mixing, 3D touch, and song sharing. It’s one of the only cool apps for producing music that you can get for free.

FL Studio Mobile - $14

FL Studio Mobile is a fully featured DAW where you can compose, mix, and play music. There are several instrument expansions that you can purchase separately, but you don’t need them to make good music. In addition, you can export tracks as music files and even send projects to your computer if you have FL Studio on there.

Music Studio - $15

This app gives music producers full control over the construction and sound of their tracks. You can import or record audio and manipulate it with several effects. Music Studio comes with 118 free instruments to make music with and gives you the option to buy up to 60 more.

Auria - $25

Probably the most powerful and fully featured music creation app on iOS, Auria comes in three flavors. You can buy the standard version for $25, Pro version for $50, or stick to the LE version for $20. You get more features the more you pay, so it depends how seriously you want to take your music making.


Caustic - $10

Caustic is a robust music making app that gives users a total of 14 machines, each with there own features to work with. You plug in the virtual machines and tweak them to get the sound you want in your tracks.

MultiTrack DAW - $10

MultiTrack DAW lets users compose and edit tracks with a variety of technical parameters. It’s relatively cheap and is enough to make full tracks with.

Cubasis 2 - $50

Cubasis 2 has an incredible number of features and virtual instruments. You can stretch audio tracks live, work with reverb, create instruments, quantize MIDI notes, and more. You can do almost anything you set your mind to with Cubasis 2. This is definitely the app to get if you’re serious about music production.

Medly - Free

Medly is the most simple entry on the list and is more of an entry-level program. It’s useful for musicians of any level, but won’t give you the functionality that other apps will. It’s easy to use and comes with enough features. Probably the most appealing part of Medly is that you can get the program for free.

So those are 8 cool apps for producing music on your iOS device. Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to leave a comment below telling us which app you prefer to make music on.