There are all sorts of video streaming sites on the Internet; YouTube isn’t the only one, although you’ll find seemingly unlimited content on there. A few of these websites are subscription based and focused on entertainment, but the content you receive is worth your money. Whether it’s films, homemade videos, TV shows, or a hobbyist’s side projects, these are the 7 best websites for video streaming.

YouTube 2

You can find almost anything on YouTube, including videos of things you wish didn’t exist. YouTube is filled with original videos, and started as a platform for user-generated-content, but has since expanded to include official music videos, movie trailers, news, and just about everything you can or can’t think of. Anyone can upload videos on YouTube, and you can even make some money if you monetize your channel and get enough views.

Vimeo 134

Launched in 2014, Vimeo became the first video site to allow uploading videos in HD. Although not nearly as popular as YouTube, Vimeo has its own appeal and focuses on high quality streaming. It is also a great place to watch independent films and artsy projects. 

Twitch 37

Twitch is focused on streaming live video, especially of games being played by gamers. There are subscription options and ways to give money to streamers, but they’re not necessary in order to experience all content. The community is quirky and has its own slang, kind of like most other online communities. It’s a great place to spend your time if you can’t afford game consoles or PCs.

Netflix 26

Netflix is all about entertainment, in TV and film form. It is subscription-based only, but the content that you receive is high quality. There are plenty of Netflix-produced shows that have recently been awarded dozens of awards due to their incredible quality and great acting.

Hulu 231

Hulu is another TV and film streaming service that is available on almost every type of electronic device. They have started producing their own original shows and some of them have even won awards. Hulu has plenty of shows that don’t appear on Netflix, so subscribing to both is a good idea if you’re an avid show and film watcher.

Amazon Video 9

Amazon Video is similar to both Netflix and Hulu, but specializes in original content and additional paid content. You can get Amazon Video for free if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, or you can subscribe to it separately.

Facebook 3

Why is Facebook on our list of best websites for video streaming? Facebook hosts some of the most watched recent videos on the Internet due to sharing features and audience size. Users can upload videos from their phones to share with friends, privately in a message, or post any other videos with all of Facebook. There are thousands of videos that become viral and are shared across all of Facebook.