Gone are the days when learning how to code was strictly meant for software engineers and IT professionals. Nowadays, every business has its face on the web, and the ability to influence what visitors see has become incredibly valuable. Knowing how to code and program is essential in almost every career path, and with some excellent websites to learn coding online, there aren’t anymore excuses for not trying to learn.

I have made a rundown of some of the best websites to learn coding, and with adequate commitment, you can become a coding guru in no time.

Code Academy 1869

Always the first on every list of the best websites to learn coding, Code Academy is a free library that is easy to use and brimming with a variety of languages for you to learn. The best part is that you can simultaneously practice them all by writing code yourself!

Code Academy is informative and also interactive, and its interface and well organized courses are very helpful. The Code Academy team has invested a great deal of work into categorizing every course for free.

Treehouse 3734

Treehouse is viewed as one of the best websites to learn coding, which is pretty accurate. This website has more than a thousand quizzes, video courses, coding challenges, and an active and dynamic community to aid you in learning.

All the resources do come with a cost. But for what you’re getting, you should be fine with it.

Upskill 213475

Upskill is a free digital boot camp which can easily turn you to an expert coder in no time at all. The best thing about Upskill is that no past experience is needed to start learning. A sequence of videos drives you through different portfolio projects, with a calm, chatty style. The primary focus is on full-stack web development, so you will learn CSS, HTML, Javascript, Git, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Khan Academy 797

Khan Academy is an educational website that has content on a variety of subjects, such as math, music, and programming of course. You can start with beginner courses, such as “Intro to HTML/CSS” or “Intro to JS”, and then progress to the higher levels as soon as you feel ready. During the course of your learning, you will experience in-browser challenges that require practical application of what you have been studying.

HTML5 Rocks 33443

Launched in 2010, this website is comprised of tutorials, resources, and all the most recent HTML5 updates. It is open source, so developers can play around with a bit of the HTML5 code. It is a little more sophisticated than most of the preliminary courses, making it a non-ideal place for beginners.

Users can look through the website to search for specific topics or they can peruse all tutorials. Tutorials are created by specialists in the areas of coding languages and web development.

CodeHS 106762

CodeHS (High School) endeavors to provide a high quality and simple-to-learn strategy for understanding the nuts and bolts of programming. The fundamentals of programming prove to be essential, even to an accomplished software engineer.

WiBit.Net 872720

WiBit.net is for novices who don’t have any grasp of coding, providing the most fundamental ideas

Every lesson is intended to teach a principle once and then move onto another, allowing a more focused approach without repeating content. The site will guide you by the hand as you advance through the courses.