There are only a few hours left until your exam starts, or maybe your essay is due the next morning and it’s already 3 am. If you’re at that point, there really aren’t any websites that can help you out too much. If you have a little more time to spare, or somehow have a few days, then these are the best websites for studying almost any topic alone or with others. Some of these cool websites are for specific subjects, while others are tools or cover multiple subjects. 

Khan Academy 795

Khan Academy is probably one of the most well known education websites on the Internet due to the fact that it’s free. This helpful website covers subjects such as math, science, arts, and even computing. Ever since it first launched, it has only become more professional and easy to use.

Purdue OWL 2013

From Purdue University in Indiana, Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is focused on the craft of writing in English. There are multiple sections that teach several styles of writing, as well as subject-specific writing and MLA.

Quizlet 648

At first glance, Quizlet seems like a flashcard tool which you can use for almost anything. You then realize that there are over 100 million study sets for students, by students. The power of sharing flashcard sets is what truly makes Quizlet stand out from other flashcard websites.

SparkNotes 2906

I can’t tell you the number of times that SparkNotes saved me when I only had a few hours to finish an entire Shakespeare play or some half-read novel. Many students are guilty of procrastinating, and although SparkNotes can ease the pain, it’s still best used when you have several days or even weeks to digest the material. The chapter summaries and character overviews make SparkNotes one of the best websites for studying.

Evernote 513

Although not strictly an education tool, Evernote is perfect for studying for multiple reasons. You can create notes and attach photos, handwritten notes, checkboxes, and then organize everything and share them with other students privately. It’s the perfect tool for students who are taking part in a group project.

My Study Life 91327

My Study Life is all about getting ready to study and organization. You can input your schedule and set up tasks and reminders whenever you want. It’s available on almost all devices and syncs across them so you can easily switch without worrying where or what you’re doing.

Brainly 1414850

Brainly lets anyone ask questions about any subject, with the hope that another user will answer it. You need a free account in order to see the verified answers to over 400,000 questions. Write your own question, or become one of the geniuses who answers questions for others.

Wolfram Alpha 3292

Wolfram Alpha not only helps you study for academics, but will display information about almost anything. One of the website’s most amazing features is it’s ability to solve equations for you. There is a Pro feature for students who want to get more out of Wolfram Alpha. These reasons and more make Wolfram Alpha one of the best websites for studying online.

StudyBlue 29206

Similar to Quizlet, StudyBlue is based around flashcards and study sets. You can break down flashcards by the school you go to and by subject. You may find that someone who goes to your school has answered the exact question you were struggling with. Manage flashcards that you’ve come up with or search for ideas by subject.

EasyBib 3745

EasyBib is all about citation for essays and research papers in English. Citing information can be frustrating and take a long time to figure out. EasyBib lets you input all the information into empty fields and then organizes the information into citations that are ready for your works cited or bibliography pages. 

Socratic 8157

Socratic is the ultimate study partner, and it isn’t even human. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device and it will help you solve math problems and give you answers and definitions for numerous questions. It’s linked to the Internet to get you additional information, all to make your studying experience go as smoothly as possible.

Chegg Study 837

You’re going to need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee if you’re going to take advantage of Chegg Study. It’s worth the money when you consider all the study questions and textbook solutions you receive. Chegg Study will help you analyze literature and prepare for tests; there are also tutors available to assist you.