We’re used to keeping our files and programs on our computers and hard drives, or phones, but sometimes that’s too limiting. With cloud technology, online storage lets users access files from almost anywhere, on any device. You can share files with other people by making links and even download files you uploaded with another device. Services vary, but most of them have a premium service that gives you more space for files. These are our picks for the best websites for online storage.

Google Drive 1

Google has a web economy that thrives due to their branding and quality of services. Google Drive is a big part of that vision and actually isn’t as widely used as it could be. You can upload just about any file on Google Drive, although the main function of the website is to store your Google Docs there.

Dropbox 105

The free version of Dropbox doesn’t really have much storage space, but is still convenient to have. Subscribe to the pro version for a ridiculous amount of storage space and extra features such as offline access and higher sharing limits. Dropbox is a fantastic website for sharing folders of content with others and makes collaboration breezy.

Microsoft OneDrive 16

OneDrive starts you out with 5 GB of online storage for free, which is a decent amount if you’re only storing small documents. You’ll need more space for bigger files, which means you’ll have to eventually pay for the premium version. The number of devices you can use is increased once you hit the highest level.

iCloud 370

iCloud is certainly among the best websites for online storage because of how cheap the premium options are and due to the simplified interface. Although the service is run by Apple, it is still available on your PC, so don’t write it off if you’re not an Apple user. iCloud also has a great family sharing feature and boasts great security features.

Box 445

Box.com is perfect for businesses looking to keep their files secure and their collaboration options open and fluid. Box doesn’t really have a free version, but does let users try out their services for a short period of time. Only those who are serious about storing, sharing, and downloading files will subscribe to Box.

Sync.com 42779

Sync.com has basically the same features as the other best websites for online storage on this list, but has its own way of handling them. They provide 5 GB of free storage for new users and pro options particularly for businesses. They have an excellent support system and make sure to keep all your files and critical information secure from the world.