Texting is the most convenient way to communicate with people if your phone is your primary device. But there are times when texting just doesn’t include all the features you’d like it to. There are plenty of instant messaging services that you can use in place of texting. One huge benefit to these services is that you can use them across most of your devices. These are the 7 best websites for online messaging, whether it’s through your computer or phone.

GroupMe 5221

GroupMe lets you form group conversations that you can name and customize. Users within the groups can change their nicknames and invite others. You also have the ability to message individual users, like individual comments, send images, and create events.

LINE 342

LINE has a huge emphasis on video and voice calls, which it provides for free if you’re in the same country as the other person. You can also message other people one-on-one or through groups. There are also hundreds of unique stickers that you can send to express yourself in ways texts can’t.

Messenger 236

Facebook’s messaging system used to be integrated with the website, and it still is, but you can now use the feature without being on Facebook itself. It’s a separate app for phones and its own website when you’re on your computer. A bubble pops up on your phone’s screen when someone messages you individually or as part of a group. You can swipe the bubble away to dismiss the conversation or tap on it to start chatting.

Snapchat 4462

Snapchat is probably the most dynamic messaging service on this list because of the main way in which you communicate; through pictures and videos. You can caption anything you send to your friends, or just record your voice over video. If you and your friend send each other at least one image or video snap a day, you can start up a streak that ends when you miss a day. 

WeChat 2424

Sort of a mix between social media and messaging services, WeChat lets you message any of your friends and post status updates through the “moments” section. You can import contacts from your phone or computer (as long as they have a WeChat account) if you prefer using WeChat or just want the option.

Discord 152

Discord is one of the best websites for online messaging and stands apart because of its focus on the gaming community. You can voice chat, text message, and form communities where there are dozens of ways to interact with others. Discord lets you see which games your friends are playing and join or invite them.

Viber 1758

Viber lets you communicate with anyone else who has a Viber account through your phone or device. Users can send standard text messages, do voice calls, and make international calls for an additional price. Viber finishes off our list of best websites for online messaging.