The days of video game fan sites seem to have passed us by in the last few years. There are now thousands of fan websites in the form of Facebook pages. These pages have overtaken single websites and choked most of them to death. Even so, there are still many active gaming fan sites. These are the 10 best gaming fan sites that we found on the Internet. The point of these websites is to celebrate a particular game or platform for fans to enjoy.

Art and Merchandise

OverClocked ReMix 98693

OverClocked ReMix is a community for musicians to post remixes of their favorite gaming music. People rearrange songs from hundreds of games and put them up for listeners to enjoy for free. You can check out all their latest releases on their YouTube channel. 

Creative Uncut 66132

Creative Uncut catalogs promotional art from hundreds of video games. You can find official art from Zelda games, Halo, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and more. You can pick a specific game to see all the available art or click on “random game” for a random gallery of art.

Fangamer 28593

Fangamer is dedicated to selling merchandise based on a massive amount of gaming series. You can find t-shirts, art books, keychains, decals, and more on this website. There are even some video games sold in physical and special editions that can’t be purchased anywhere else, particularly for indie games.

Platform Specific

Nintendo Everything 15879

Visit Nintendo Everything for lightning fast updates on everything Nintendo. At the moment, the website focuses on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, but really any news about the company or its games will appear on this website.

Push Square 18350

Push Square is all about PlayStation news, whether it’s the games or the company behind the consoles. You can find reviews, editorials, news, and opinion pieces, all about PlayStation. Connect with the community in the forums or follow them on social media.

This is Xbox 1597165

The Xbox needs some love too, even if it isn’t very popular in Japan. This is Xbox covers everything about the American console, from the original to the Xbox One X. The website is by Xbox fans, for Xbox fans so you’ll see a lot of passion here.

PC Gamer 906

PC Gamer is more professional than other entries on this list and even has its own magazine. It’s the best place for news and reviews on the ever-changing PC platform. Check the website for upgrade advice and information on all the newest and best games.

Game Specific

Zelda Dungeon 13484

Zelda Dungeon is one of the last remaining fan sites for the popular video game series. The website was started by a high schooler, way back in 2001 and has continued ever since. You can find information and news on The Legend of Zelda, both from the past and from upcoming releases. 3761

Serebii is the Japanese name for the Pokemon, Celebi. is one of the most expansive and comprehensive fan sites on the Internet. It covers everything about the Pokemon games and anime, even when the information is only available in Japan. Keep this website bookmarked if you want to stay up to date with everything about the Pokemon world.

Kingdom Hearts Insider 10505

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beloved video game series because it speaks to the heart. Cheesy, right? Either way, Kingdom Hearts Insider is committed to putting out loads of information for faithful Kingdom Hearts fans. They keep fans up to date with merchandise release dates, game news, new artwork, and developer interviews. 

So those are the 10 best gaming fan sites we found online. Did we miss any of your favorites or do you think any of our entries don’t belong on the list? Please let us know in the comments below!