If by chance your exposure to art is restricted to the rare excursion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea’s galleries, or the Museum of Modern Art, then you may not really have time for art. In any case, say you want to remain updated about the latest news in the world of art. Well, just like almost everything nowadays, that information is as close to you as the nearest keyboard or smartphone. Here, we will unravel some of the best art news websites to find what you want.

There are many art websites on the Internet dedicated to covering the most recent news from every angle. They are generally simple to understand for layman and insider alike. So in the event that you want to discover more about modern art, the following are the best art news websites to do just that.

Artnet 14206

Launched in 1995, Artnet was one of the first art websites with no previous link to an existing print publication. Its primary purpose is to hold online art auctions. Likewise, it quickly established itself as a go-to source for news, reviews, profiles, art-world gossip, and the occasional lighthearted feature. For its first 16 years, Artnet News was helmed by artist and critic Walter Robinson. When he left in 2012, Artnet News shut down briefly for retooling, returning in its current form as a more news-driven site. Artnet has gone on to become one of the best art websites on the Internet.

Artnews 89711

Originally found in 1902, Artnews is the oldest art magazine in the world. It has a storied history that includes such former contributors as MoMA founder Alfred Barr and Aldous Huxley. Though it still published in printed form quarterly, a lot has changed. Artnews has shifted much of its content online, continuing its legacy as a trusted source of art criticism and news in the digital age.

Hyperallergic 40567

Hyperallergic’s motto is “sensitive to art and its discontents” and describes itself as “a forum for playful, serious and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today.” Launched by art critic Hrag Vartanian and publisher Veken Gueyikian, Hyperallergic takes a wry, sometimes dyspeptic approach to its coverage. It provides acerbic reviews and stories that go well beyond the art world to focus on the larger intersection of culture and politics.


The Art Newspaper 133896

No doubt, no one covers the business of the art world as comprehensively as The Art Newspaper does. The Art Newspaper is the Wall Street Journal of the art world, publishing print versions in various languages. Its website is just as thorough, with reviews, profiles, and editorials, as well as stories focused international law, tax policy and other political and economic developments relevant to art.

The Architect’s Newspaper 70808

Editor-in-chief Bill Menking and publisher Diana Darling founded The Architect’s Newspaper in 2003. As its name implies, the site focuses on architecture and is an authoritative voice in the field. It also covers design, urban planning, and fine art with clear, accessible writing.