Credit, debit, and gift cards have changed the way we pay for things. We rarely use physical cash anymore due to its inconvenience. With the inclusion of apps on our phones, paying for things has never been easier. Which apps should you trust with your money, and which apps actually work well? We’ve put together a list of the 7 best apps for paying on your mobile devices.


Venmo functions as a center for payments of all kinds, no matter the situation. You can pay for in-app purchases, give money to friends, or make payments to a worker. The app requires that you link a card or bank account in order to make payments to others. Only credit cards require a fee; all other payment methods are free.


PayPal stands above most of the best apps for paying on your mobile device. The PayPal app retains most of the key features from the website, but is set up with a more simple interface. You can sign in with your fingerprint on some phones and even get a PayPal card in the mail.

Square Cash

Square Cash might be the most simple app on this list. It only requires that you add a bank account to send money to other people, without any fees. You can get a free Cash Card from the company with your signature inscribed on it for free and use it to pay for things in the real world.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay doesn’t come with an actual app, but is built into Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch. You can load in a card and turn it into a virtual version of itself and then use it to pay for things wherever it is accepted. You can also send and receive money from friends through messages.

Android Pay

The Android version of Apple Pay, Android Pay also lets you store your cards and use them to pay in store. Unlike Apple Pay, you can’t use this app to transfer money to and from friends. Android Pay is primarily used to pay for goods and services in person, by scanning your phone at available locations.

Circle Pay

Circle Pay brands itself as a text messaging app that just happens to send money. You can communicate in text form and with emojis. The app tries to be as casual as possible while still being highly functional. There are no fees involved in sending and receiving payments, which is an added plus.

Get Circle Pay for Android devices.


Pushpay was created to make donations to charity and faith-based organizations. The app links to a card and then asks you if it’s a one time or recurring payment. You can then send your donation and get a receipt after the transaction.

Those are the 7 best apps for paying that we could find on either Android or iOS. We hope you find this list helpful as you choose which apps to download. Have you used any of these apps or do you have other favorites that you prefer use? Let us know in the comments.