Video games are expensive, especially with all the DLC and season passes that are becoming the norm for almost all games. You can usually get a few dollars off when you pre-order games from certain websites, or you could wait just a few months and get them heavily discounted. We’ve put together a list of 8 cool websites for video game deals so you don’t have to waste your time stumbling all over the Internet looking for them yourself. You should also check out our article on the 10 best game review sites so you make sure you’re buying games you’ll actually play.

Steam 190

Steam has some of the best deals on video games you’ll find anywhere. They only sell games for the PC, and only in digital format, so you’re out of luck if you don’t game on your computer. Steam is known for its big summer sale that it holds every year, where games are sometimes discounted up to 95%. They do have a few sales every week and some for bigger events if you’re fine with waiting.

Humble Bundle 595

Humble Bundle has a different set of bundled games on sale every week. While mostly for PC, you will find the occasional bundle for home consoles on there. What makes Humble Bundle so unique is that you can pick where your money goes and you can pay what you want. You can give to charity, the developers, or even leave a tip. You can subscribe to Humble Monthly to receive $100 in games for a monthly subscription fee of $12.

PlayStation Store 413

The PlayStation store is where you can shop for deals on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Vita. In addition to video games, you can purchase movies, TV shows, music, and more. The PSN has a sale almost every week where games are heavily discounted, especially if you’re subscribed to PS Plus, the monthly premium service for PlayStation. Watch out for Flash Sales, which typically last a few days and come out of nowhere.

Deals With Gold (Xbox) 999

You need an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to access these great deals. The promotions change every week and there are even some bigger deals for special events. Deals With Gold are all digital, so you can check out other websites if you’re looking for physical copies, consoles, or accessories. 

Best Buy (Gamers Club Unlocked) 289

You can purchase both digital and physical copies of video games at Best Buy, although physical games are more often on sale. What really makes Best Buy’s deals stand apart is the Gamers Club Unlocked membership. This gives customers an extra 20% off all brand new games, whether or not they have been recently released.

Cheap Ass Gamer 25526

This cool website keeps track of all the latest video game deals, wherever they manage to pop up. Cheap Ass Gamer usually posts deals within minutes of their reveal and even occasionally leaks deals from huge events, such as Black Friday. Follow their Twitter for convenient updates, if you’re a Twitter type of person.

Slick Deals 451

Slick Deals is about more than just deals for video games. They cover a whole host of items, such as clothing and electronics. If you’re only there for the games, they function basically the same as Cheap Ass Gamer, but come across classier.

r/GameDeals (Reddit) 12

r/GameDeals is a little tougher to maneuver than some of the other cool websites for video game deals. Posts are submitted by users and ranked by popularity. You may have to go through a few pages to get the most out of the site, or check out threads for user comments linking to more deals.

Amazon 10

Amazon does a great job of price-matching their competitors’ deals, and even has some deals of their own. Amazon Prime gives subscribers 20% off pre-orders for new games, but isn’t as great as Best Buy’s program.

CD Keys 5343

CD Keys is all about digital deals for games and currency. They also have their own blog posts where they analyze the industry and video games.