Radio used to be king, but podcasts have taken over as the new medium. This list is made up of websites that focus on audio podcasts. Whether you’re looking for a place to listen to podcasts or to share your own, this list will help you find the top 8 best sites for podcasts.

PodBean 8721

PodBean is set up for podcasters to create their own hosting channel for their podcasts. Listeners can browse podcasts hosted on PodBean by genre, broken down by sub-categories. The main way to make use of the site is to pay for a premium subscription, which gives users a whole host of features and analytic tools to utilize. There’s an extra, integrated patron system where people can crowdfund podcasts.

iTunes 73

Next on the list, iTunes is more well-known for selling digital music to consumers and also doubling as a music library for songs. There is a podcast section to the interface, which lets you subscribe to single podcasts and auto-download them if you’d like. This entry may not specialize in podcasts, but it still earns a spot on the 8 best sites for podcasts. 171855 is a site dedicated to listing all types of podcasts, no matter the genre. They allow free hosting and index podcasts if you sign up through their website. There’s not really anything to lose, as iTunes integration is included as well.

Buzzsprout 61936

Buzzsprout is another podcast hosting website but it lets podcasters make use of a free trial period before they commit to a premium subscription. The interface is simple, pleasant, and focuses on making sharing as intuitive as possible. Buzzsprout has plenty of learning resources for those wanting to get into the podcasting world.

SoundCloud 107

Another website focused on music, SoundCloud also serves as a place to upload podcasts, but also listen to them. There is an upload time limit, so premium soon becomes a necessity, especially if you’re looking to upload podcasts. Despite its leanings, it still makes the list of the 8 best sites for podcasts.

Spreaker 10938

Similar to other websites on this list, Spreaker has its own app for listening to podcasts. There are multiple tools for recording and creating podcasts through the site itself and third-party services. Additionally, the site is dedicated to streaming content but also focuses on giving creators a place to upload and share their own content.

Libsyn 5106

Libsyn boasts a library of over 25,000 podcast shows and more than 2 billion downloads. The site is all about getting podcasters to host their content and gain as many listens and followers as they can. It’s a great choice for podcasters of all skill and experience levels.

Spotify 130

Finally, Spotify wraps up our list of the 8 best sites for podcasts. Spotify is made for music, video, and podcasts. You can listen to audio with limited ads or upgrade to premium for uninterrupted play. Podcast creators will have to go through a third-party website to host their website before they get it up on Spotify.

At the end of the day, the 8 best sites for podcasts are just some of the available avenues for listeners and podcasters. Do you agree with our list or do you have other suggestions for what should go on it? Sound off in the comments!