I have seen so many cases of people who need a car but can’t afford a new one, resorting to taking taxi cabs or Uber. However, little do they know that there are websites for used cars where they can get decent and affordable deals without breaking the bank.

The Internet has made everything easy, and if you need to buy a car, there are plenty of exciting websites where you can purchase them. Below, we are going to list the best websites for used cars and we are sure you will find a used car that you will love.


Cars.com 2043

Cars.com is one of the best websites for used cars and is a broad resource for anybody looking for a vehicle. Filters enable you to search based on model, make, and the highest possible cost for any used car in your vicinity. The site then gives links to various Carfax reports of the car. In addition, you are given the option to message the owner or dealer directly or simply mail them if they are not online. Cars.com’s easy resource selection and navigation make it truly one of the best for first-time buyers.

AutoTrader 1656

Few websites outperform AutoTrader.com when it comes to complex search tools. Apart from the fact that the website’s initial search enables you to choose the make, model, and cost of your desired car, it also allows you to search based on the type of car you desire, its mileage, fuel economy, precise specifications, or a number of other important features.

For example, do you need a vehicle with an instinctive navigation system? What about a car with keyless entry and four doors?  You should check the essential box for each option and then search.

Nadaguides 9782

Nadaguides is the official website of the National Automotive Dealers Association. It is also home to private party listings. The mix of both gives the site an exceptionally flexible pool from which to choose. The website incorporates motorcycles, cars, classic vehicles, and even boats into its selection.

Even though the site has great amount of information, it has an easy to use shopping tool. Interested individuals can search based on make, model, cost, and even fuel economy. Additionally, the site offers a service that can pit as much as four cars against each other.

CarsDirect 14983

CarsDirect lets you can scan for used cars within your vicinity by body style and cost, or make and model. Search results includes offerings from both owners and dealers.  You have a choice to review the Carfax report of your desired vehicle. CarsDirect lets you save your search history and favorite cars when making a decisions between various makes and models, and every search result gives a huge number of pictures specifying the condition of the chosen car.

Autolist 47670

At first glance, Autolist seems to be like other websites on our list. However, it has a major advantage over competing websites with regards to mobile connectivity. Although the website is appealing and simple to use, the Autolist app is a standout among the most prevalent car resources available for iOS and Android. The mobile software enables you to search the databases of other used cars applications, and of dealership sites. It also gives useful information, like how long the car has been on a sale, the fluctuations in its asking price over time, and its Carfax report.