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Crowdfunding has become a vital source of income for many people with the advent of the Internet. There are quite a few crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where users can fund creators’ works of art. Patreon gives artists a platform where they can get paid by the people that care the most about their art. There are plenty of tools for creators and many reasons for users to pledge their money. Patreon is the best crowdfunding site for artists because of these reasons and more.

The Creator’s Role

Best Crowdfunding Site

Creators have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to setting up their pages and campaigns. Each creator can set up multiple aspects of their campaign to cater to their specific audience.

  • Intro video: The intro video explains why the creator has chosen Patreon as the platform for their art         and what they hope to accomplish.
  • Main Page: This includes any information the creator wants to include about themselves and their               campaign.
  • Tier rewards: These are rewards for users that change depending on how much money the user has           decided to pledge. Tier’s typically begin at $1 and can stretch up to $100 and more. Users get rewards             like sketches, Skype calls with creators, access to music files, and more.
  • Patron-only posts: These are typically included in the first tier or for free. This is the main way for             creators to communicate with backers.

The Patron’s Role

Best Crowdfunding Site

Patreon’s main page.

Supporters, called “patrons” on Patreon, are the real lifeblood of the best crowdfunding site. They keep the creators going through recurring monthly contributions. Patrons can sign up to give a set amount per month and cancel their donations any time they want. It gives creators a sense of stability that they wouldn’t otherwise have through other crowdfunding sites.

Some creators make a lot of money and even have up to 10,000 patrons pledging each month. YouTube channels are increasingly becoming funded by Patreon campaigns because of their usefulness. Worldwide estimates in 2015 put crowdfunding gross (across multiple websites) at$34 billion.

What Are Creators Making?

Best Crowdfunding Site

You can create almost anything!

Creators have a lot of freedom when setting up their accounts; there are even some creators who create several types of art. There really isn’t a limit to what you can create as long as you get people to back your ideas.

Here are a few creators you should check out if you have the time:

  • Extra Credits: This account focuses on releases videos about video games, history, and the process of         content creation. Their videos are hand drawn and lighthearted in nature.
  • Ross Tran: Also known as Ross Draws, this creator creates beautiful illustrations and videos about his         artistic method.
  • Crash Course: This account is dedicated to creating educational videos on a wide variety of topics.               They create videos about history, philosophy, games, literature, and more.
  • Nataly Dawn: Her husband is the CEO and co-founder of Patreon, but she’s not on this list                             because of her connections. Dawn is a fantastic musician in her own right. Check her out!

Maybe you’re trying to find the right platform to sell yourself as an artist. Perhaps Patreon is the platform you’ve been looking for and it’s finally time to launch your career! It’s the best crowdfunding site for artists trying out a new way to live.

Name: Patreon
Type: Crowdfunding

Patreon is the best crowdfunding site because it lets patrons support their favorite artists longterm. In addition, patrons receive customized rewards, creator updates, and the opportunity to interact with creators.

Artist Heaven
Clean looking interface that you can't really get lost in.Patreon only takes 5% of what creators make.Creators have a lot of freedom to craft their campaigns to fit their audience.
Discovering creators you want to support isn't the most intuitive process.
95%Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes

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Top 10 iOS Games Launched in 2016 Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:36:17 +0000 Mobile games are taking over our lives in ways that console games simply can't. We can take them anywhere and pause them almost at any moment and then pick up where we left off. What were the top 10 iOS games launched in 2016?

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Mobile games are taking over our lives in ways that console games simply can’t. We can take them anywhere and pause them almost at any moment and then pick up where we left off. Mobile gaming has also reached the point where some games can be ported over from PC and consoles. This leads to a higher level of quality of the games that are available. I’ve ranked these games based on my personal opinion of what makes a good game. So all that aside, what were the top 10 iOS games launched in 2016?

That Dragon, Cancer – $5

Top 10 iOS Games

This one is special and first on the list because it genuinely touched me on an emotional level; more than almost all other games have managed to do. That Dragon, Cancer is about a family coping with their son’s death at the cruel hands of cancer; his name was Joel. This work of art is one of the reasons I love gaming so much. It may not be perfect, but the message is pure gold. It’s tough to categorize it as one of the top 10 iOS games of this year because it’s so drastically different from the others. Go experience it!

Get That Dragon, Cancer

Pokemon GO – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

It’s impossible not to include Pokemon GO on this list. Sure, many people feel like the game wasn’t as intuitive and content heavy as it should have been, but you can’t deny the phenomenon that it caused. The app legitimately got people to get up and exercise. That’s not all, “Pokemon GO” itself was the most searched term in the world for 2016. The game has died down in popularity, but updates keep coming out for the loyal fan base.

Get Pokemon GO

Batman – The Telltale Series – $15

Top 10 iOS Games

Telltale Games has been on a roll lately with all the games they’ve been churning out. They’re handling a ridiculous amount of IPs and I’m starting to wonder if they’ve put too much on their metaphorical plate. Even so, Batman – The Telltale Series, Telltale’s take on the dark knight, is a great game. It’s a narrative driven adventure game where you’re put in charge of Batman as he solves- well, you’ll have to play for yourself and find out.

Get Batman

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore takes you to space as a rookie pilot thrust into a position you’re not ready for. Will you sink or swim? The gameplay and level of customization, as well as the leveling up system, make this a game worthy of your time. It definitely belongs on this top 10 iOS games list.

Get GoF 3: Manticore

Banner Saga 2 – $5

Top 10 iOS Games

Banner Saga is back with its intense story and tactical gameplay. I won’t go too much into the game, but I’d definitely recommend you play the first entry before you sink your time into Banner Saga 2. They’re both fantastic games with deeply emotional narratives.

Get Banner Saga 2

Severed – $7

Top 10 iOS Games

Go into this game blind. I won’t say anything except that it’s not like anything that you’ve ever played before in terms of style and substance.

Get Severed

Mobius Final Fantasy – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

Final Fantasy is a strong franchise even in 2016, despite various setbacks and lackluster sales of previous entries. Mobius Final Fantasy thinks itself a full final fantasy game, but for mobile devices. Sure, you can buy classic Final Fantasy titles on iOS, but this is a whole new title built just for mobile. Get it if you’re looking for a great RPG on your phone.

Get Mobius Final Fantasy

Prune – $4

Top 10 iOS Games

I love games that try different things, even if everyone might not appreciate them. Prune is an artsy game that I would categorize as “classy.” Your job is to grow a tree around obstacles by pruning branches and making sure the blossoms come into bloom. It’s a simple idea that is beautiful to behold.

Get Prune

VOEZ – Free

Top 10 iOS Games

VOEZ might not have mass appeal like most games on this list, but what it certainly does have is style. This rhythm game provides beautiful tracks for you to tap along to. Some of the songs give off a Vocaloid-like vibe, so it might not be for everyone. At least give it a try; you might find yourself enjoying the game.


Super Mario Run –  $10

Top 10 iOS Games

Super Mario Run is Mario’s long awaited debut on mobile devices. This game is Nintendo at it’s heart, but still a new take on the franchise. The real draw is replaying levels and beating your friends’ high scores. For now, he’s only available on iOS, which is a huge draw for Apple.

Get Super Mario Run


That’s our list of the top 10 iOS games launched in 2016. Did we miss some of your favorites? Make sure to comment below with some games you think deserve to be on the list!


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Reddit Brings the Upvotes With Best User Content Fri, 16 Dec 2016 21:29:18 +0000 Reddit is quite the experience whether you've been on the site for minutes, days, or years. Despite the amount of posts, reddit still manages to have the best user content on the Internet.

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Reddit is quite the experience whether you’ve been on the site for minutes, days, or years. You never know what to expect from the rowdy and often informative community. Despite the amount of posts, reddit still manages to have the best user content on the Internet. There’s something magical yet disturbing about the way reddit brings posts to the front page.

What Is Reddit, Exactly?

Best User Content

Ask Reddit, a great place for questions about any topic.

Reddit is part forum, part social media site, part news outlet, part pictures, and part community full of opinionated neckbeards. The basic concept is that anyone can upload almost anything to a variety of categories named “subreddits.” Other users “upvote” or “downvote” what they consider to be good posts. These posts will either skyrocket in popularity or sink to the bottom of obscurity based on the number of votes they receive. The twist is that a post will only appear in the popular section for 24 hours. Content in posts is either hosted on reddit itself or through other websites, especially imgur.

Becoming Part of the Community

Best User Content

Make that account.

Once you’re signed up for reddit, you’ll have to go through the complicated process of posting. It’s actually not that tough when it comes down to it. The most difficult part is probably finding the right subreddit to place your post in because of the strict posting rules. Now sit back and wait for all the negative comments and downvotes to pour in. It does happen that way sometimes, so don’t be discouraged if your post isn’t a hit. This site doesn’t have the best user content for no reason.

Examples of Best User Content

What is happening?

What is happening?

Here are some of my favorite reddit posts that I hope you enjoy as well.

Bill Gates even shows up on reddit occasionally, with words of wisdom and Santa-like capabilities. Maybe it’s time to start your journey into the untamed beast that is reddit. Let us know what your favorite posts are in the comments!

Name: Reddit
Type: User Content

Reddit is the ultimate stop for all things everything. If that makes sense.

Upvotes for Reddit
Constant new content.Has a subreddit for almost every topic you can imagine.Anyone can express their opinion.People from all walks of life contribute knowledge and humor.
Has a subreddit for almost every topic you shouldn't be imagining. Community is antagonistic at times, even toxic.
92%Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes

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Top 10 Gaming News Sites Fri, 16 Dec 2016 13:16:35 +0000 Video games continue to take over the world in ways we never could have imagined. Where do you go when you need to know the latest gaming news? These are the top 10 gaming news sites you should check out for coverage about your favorite games.

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Video games continue to take over the world in ways we never could have imagined. Some notable developments include VR and Mario on mobile. New games come out every single day and updates about existing and upcoming games are waiting to be read.  Gamers are hungry for news on their favorite games and on the industry itself.  Where do you go when you need to know the latest gaming news? Hopefully you’re not getting your game news from Facebook. These are the top 10 gaming news sites you should check out for coverage about your favorite games.

Game Informer

Game Informer

Game Informer is one of the few websites that still publishes a monthly physical magazine. You can expect news, reviews, opinion pieces, and exclusive interviews with game developers on this website. Game Informer is classy and to the point on most topics. They don’t rely on click bait titles and possess an air of professionalism that few other websites do. You can also purchase a year of their magazine digitally, available on almost all platforms.

Visit Game Informer



Kotaku is definitely more Japanese-focused than any of the other websites on this list. You will also notice that they don’t hold back when it comes to opinions, opinions they hold very strongly. I would say Kotaku’s charm comes from the fact that it’s chaotic fun. They have features about Japan, art posts, and cosplay articles, along with other stranger posts. Make them part of your daily routine if you’re looking for a little bit of color in your video game coverage.

Visit Kotaku

Kinda Funny GamesTop 10 Gaming News Sites

Kinda Funny is a project out of the minds of Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino. A mostly Patreon-funded endeavor, Kinda Funny is more of a video series than anything else. The personality driven video podcast focuses on love life, gaming, movies, politics, and more. Kinda Funny Games is the group’s attempt to cover what they see as important in the world of video games. They tend to favor Playstation over other platforms, but they don’t count out other platforms. Support this group on Patreon if you fall in love with their “buddy buddy” take on gaming.

Visit Kinda Funny

Top 10 Game News Sites

Gamasutra focuses almost exclusively on the news of making and marketing of videos games. This is a great website to keep your eyes on if you’re hoping to work in the gaming industry one day. They even have a jobs section where game developers post job openings. They have a lot of articles written by people who have worked in the gaming industry, so there’s plenty to learn. You can even contribute to their blog if you’ve had your own experiences with the gaming industry.

Visit Gamasutra



Destructoid may seem like your typical gaming news site until you actually start reading it. Sure, it covers most of the same game news that other sites do, but there’s room for its own take on things. They’re a loud voice in a sea of video game critics. They also feature a vocal community and awesome robot mascot. What’s not to love?

Visit Destructoid



Gamespot is a little straightforward in its news coverage and review methods, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic gaming news site. They have plenty of video content and even the occasional giveaway for users. Check them out for nonstop video game coverage.

Visit Gamespot



IGN features articles about games, movies, TV shows, and even comics. They’re one of the most popular gaming news sites and have been around for a long time. Many writers who began at IGN have gone on to work at gaming companies and other writing publications. Greg Miller of Kinda Funny actually began at IGN as a writer. IGN posts so many articles that you might need to pick a specific subcategory to follow, like PS4 or TV.

Visit IGN

r/ Gaming (Reddit)


Now this one is a little bit different than the others on this list. r/ gaming isn’t really about video game news, but more about game screenshots, GIFs, and memes. All posts are created by users and ranked by popularity. The content is constantly being updated based on what the community thinks is interesting or funny. Visit this subreddit for a breather from all the opinionated journalism you’ll find on the other gaming news sites.

Visit r/ gaming

Nintendo Everything

Nintendo Everything

Nintendo Everything is all about Mario and friends, if you couldn’t guess based on the site name. They post every single piece of Nintendo news you could think up. They cover not only game news, but company and developer news as well. Of all the gaming news sites, this one is really only for the most hardcore Nintendo fans, as they post a ridiculous amount of articles.

Visit Nintendo Everything

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Google: The Ultimate Search Engine Thu, 28 Jul 2016 11:16:06 +0000 Most would agree that Google is the best search engine available. It's simple and easy, as well as convenient to use Google from any device.

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Google was initially referred to as BackRub. It is a search engine tool that was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The project began as a mere university research project. Page and Brin decided to change the name of their search engine to “Google”, a term that was inspired from the word googol.

In 1997, they registered the domain and the company began operations in 1998. What makes Google the best search engine in the world is its PageRank method that controls search results. Google also also uses many of its services such as Google Local and Google Maps to provide effective search results.

How Google Works

Best Search Engine

The simplicity just works.

This search engine is an extremely powerful tool. Without tools like Google, it would be very difficult to find all the information you are looking for when you browse the internet. Google uses a unique algorithm, the particulars are top secret.

This makes stand out from its competitors and is by far the best search engine on the web. It is not easy to break into the Google’s system.

In addition, the search engine also uses automated software known as crawlers or spiders just like many other search engines, Google has a huge number of keywords. What makes this search engine topnotch is how it ranks its search results, which then determines how which order to display the results on the results page.

Tips and Tricks

Searching "Google" on Google.

Searching “Google” on Google.

Google is a great tool, but many people don’t take full advantage of its full power. There are plenty of secrets that aren’t really so secret if you take the time to learn them. Here are just a few ways you can make your searching more streamlined:

  • Exact phrase: Insert quotation marks at the beginning and end of a search phrase in order to look up the exact phrase. Example: “several words” will look up places online where that phrase appears together.
  • Look up by file type: Include filetype: and then the 3 letter abbreviation at the end of your search to find specific files. Example: wordsworth filetype:pdf.
  • Get definitions: Include “define:” followed by a word in order to look up its definition. Example: define: osmosis.
  • Address search: Type in an address and search. A map will come up where you can look for directions and see a street view, among other things.

You can check out Google’s full guide for a list of tips and tricks that are useful for improving your search results.

Google is king of the Internet for good reason. Even though some scandals and controversies do pop up with the company from time to time, the website is still worth your time. Google really is the best search engine you have at your disposal.

Name: Google
Type: Search Engine

Google is the most popular website on the Internet for a reason. The ease of use and deep features will make this your go-to site for everything, no matter what device you're using.

The Ultimate Search Engine
Google is easy to use to use and accessible from all gadgets, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.Google has a clean and user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate through the pages with ease.Anyone can use Google.
Searching can lead you to places you don't want to be. It is rare.
98%Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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The Best Cash Back Shopping Service Wed, 27 Jul 2016 18:22:41 +0000 Using a cash back service provider can help you save money. Ebates does the best job at offering competitive cash back rates alongside browser extensions that make the service easy to use.

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Many people use cash back rewards credit cards when making purchases. Using these cards can sometimes save people up to 5%. What some people do not know is that you can actually stack credit card cash back with cash back from an online provider like Ebates (which we think is the best cash back shopping service).

Introducing the Best Cash Back Shopping Service

Ebates is a cash back service that pays its users to click through their website when making purchases. The site offers cash back for over 2,000 stores. The site even offers cash back at discount stores like eBay, Amazon, and Wal-Mart.

Ebates Homepage

Screenshot of Ebates’ homepage

The site’s popular too. TechCrunch reports that, “In 2013, 2.5 million members spent over $2.2 billion shopping through Ebates.” This popularity led Rakuten, the Japanese eCommerce giant, to purchasing Ebates for $1 billion in 2014.

Most stores in Ebates arsenal offer a flat-rate cash back. You get a single pre-defined percentage back of your purchase total. Other stores like eBay offer a different percentage of cash back depending on the category you purchase from. You will be able to see a breakdown when you search for eBay on the Ebates website.

Ebates eBay Page

A look at the breakdown for eBay’s cashback

The site also combines coupon deals with cashback to make the deals even sweeter. When navigating to the HP page on Ebates, you will see a whopping promotional cash back amount of 15% (at the time of writing this) along with all the different coupons they are currently offering. Stacking the 15% cashback, along with a coupon and a cash back credit card can lead to some serious savings.

How Does Ebates Compare with Other Cash Back Providers?

There are many, many different cash back websites. Ebates may be the most well known. They even have TV commercials. We are also calling it the best cash back shopping service. But does it offer the best cash back rates? It does sometimes.

Ebates is good but it might be worth checking out other sites especially if you plan on making a large purchase and 1% difference cash back matters to you. We found this comparison grid which might be helpful. The grid shows that Ebates offers competitive cash back rates and sometimes offers the best cash back rates.

So What Makes Ebates the Best Cash Back Shopping Service?

Ebates separates themselves from the competition. On top of offering competitive cash back rates, they offer browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The extensions will notify you when cash back is possible and allow you to turn on cash back shopping with a single click. They also have an Android and iPhone app.

Their credit card is another thing that separates them from the competition. Using the card lets you get an additional 3% cash back on qualifying purchases.  The additional cash back does not apply to things like airfare and hotel deals. The credit card gives a minimum of 1% cash back on all purchases.

Ebates can credit some of their success to their referral offer. You can make $60 by referring three family members and friends. Please note, Ebates would still be on The Best Sites even if their referral offer did not exist.

Don’t forget to check out SlickDeals for hot deals! Happy shopping!

Sign Up for Ebates
Name: Ebates
Type: Cash Back Shopping Service

Ebates is the de facto standard when it comes to cash back shopping. They offer competitive cash back rates and also have useful tools like browser extensions and a credit card.

Ebates Review
Competitive cash back ratesBrowser extensions make using the service extremely easyMake extra money by referring friends and familyMost popular cash back serviceCrisp UI and easy to navigate the website
Rates are not always the best available
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes

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Get a Temporary E-Mail Address from Mailinator Tue, 26 Jul 2016 22:01:13 +0000 Get a disposable e-mail address from Mailinator. The service offers features that their competitors fail to match!

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Too many websites require you to give your e-mail address to access site features. Even we ask for an e-mail address during our registration process. Put simply, websites want their users to be subscribed to a lifetime of traffic-boosting e-mail newsletters. The majority of us, however, don’t want any part of that.

One way you can get around giving up your personal e-mail address is to use a disposable e-mail service. There are handfuls of these services available across the web. They even have software you can install on your own server to run your own disposable e-mail service. However, to save a bit of time, it is important to use the best disposable e-mail service.

Mailinator: The Best Disposable E-Mail Service

Mailinator is easily the best disposable e-mail service. Although their interface is ridden with spammy upsells to their premium service, they offer the best disposable e-mail service. Mailinator allows you to select any e-mail address with the domain (e.g. They also offer 100s of other domains to choose from. They don’t publish the whole list but you can see one at a time, dynamically populated on the home page.

Mailinator's Homepage

A look at Mailinator’s homepage

Once you select an e-mail on the home page, you are brought to your disposable inbox. If you send your disposable e-mail address a test message, it will show up automatically in your inbox on Mailinator without having to refresh the page. Your test message will be automatically deleted after a couple hours. Most competing services work in the same way.

But What Makes Mailinator the Best Disposable E-Mail Service?

Mailinator seperates itself from the rest of the pack by offering advanced features. For starters, you can select the exact e-mail address you want to use each time. Many other services do not offer this feature (e.g. It is useful for cases where you forgot your password to a site or any occasion where you have to use the same inbox on two different occasions.

They also offer integration features. You can grab the RSS of e-mail box. You can also integrate Mailinator with Slack.

Their paid plan might appeal to some. It is primarily for e-mail testers. With the plan, you will be able to use the service on a custom domain, keep the e-mails saved, and use their API.

Name: Mailinator
Type: Disposable E-Mail Address Provider

Mailinator is a disposable e-mail address provider that offers the best features and allows you to choose your disposable e-mail address.

Mailinator: The Best Disposable E-Mail Provider
You can choose your disposable e-mail address
UI is sloppyCan't respond to e-mails
80%Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote

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Find Dope Electronic Mash-Ups at The Hype Machine Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:31:25 +0000 The Hype Machine drops dope electronic mash-ups on the regular. The music blog aggregator service populates its website with music from 701 music blogs and puts the songs to a vote!

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The internet music scene is saturated to say the least. I don’t mean that in a bad way either. There are dozens of premium, high-quality apps that can intelligently select music for you. Everyone eventually finds their favorite music app and falls in love. One popular choice is Spotify. Another is 8tracks. And another is Pandora. What about people looking for dope electronic mash-ups though?

This review features another music website for those who haven’t fallen in love yet. The website: The Hype Machine. The genre: electronic mash-ups (for the most part). It is arguably the best music blog aggregator. What exactly is that? It is a website that collects music that is currently being talked about on their hand-picked list of 701 music blogs.Hype Machine About

How They Filter Dope Electronic Mash-Ups

After the music is aggregated, the music is put to a vote. Users are presented with the option of liking music by clicking on a heart icon next to the track. The tracks that are loved the most are then featured on their popular list.

You have to be logged in to heart a track. Once you are logged in, the tracks you heart are saved to your favorites list. They also have a few other features like the ability to add friends, your listen history, and your obsessions list. The obsessions list is a pretty neat feature. It ends up being a list of tracks you listen to constantly. Check out my obsessions list. Better yet, check out my favorites sorted by number of hearts.

My Favorite Song I Found on The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine gives due credit to the music blogs that it is powered by. Underneath each track, you will see a description from one of the music blogs the song was featured on as well as a link to a list of all the music blogs that featured the song.

What if I Want to Download the Music?

An extension for Firefox allows you to directly download HypeM tracks. If being able to download songs using Chrome interests you then you can look into scripts from Install it into Chrome by using the Tampermonkey extension for ChromeUpdate: is down and there are really no good alternatives at the moment. Sorry Chrome!

Oh yeah. The Hype Machine is on SoundCloud and Spotify too. We also made a 8tracks list featuring songs with 10k+ likes.

Name: Hype Machine
Type: Music Streaming

For electronic music lovers, Hype Machine's popular songs list is enjoyable every single day.

The Hype Machine Drops Dirty Tracks
Latest trending electronic musicFind music before other people doSave your favorite music
User interface doesn't stand out from the crowd
90%My favorite music website
Reader Rating 0 Votes

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Best Business Website: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 01:28:47 +0000 Touting itself as the Home Page For The World's Business Leaders, delivers as the best business website. With over 100 years in publishing articles about business, Forbes brings experienced business writers to the discussion when covering topics relevant to business people.

The post Best Business Website: appeared first on The Best Sites.


What does it take to be considered the best business website? Is it experience? How about the ability to discuss the many things that affect business people? Could it be compiling lists covering everything from the world’s richest to the best countries for business? My answer would be all the above. For all the above, you visit

Home Page For The World’s Business Leaders

If people are going to trust you for your business ability, then you must have experience and authority in the business world. Forbes comes from a long line of business experience. The financial columnist for the Hearst papers, B.C. Forbes, partnered with Walter Drey. Mr. Drey was the general manager of the Magazine of Wall Street. They founded Forbes Magazine on September 15, 1917.Wikipedia  With all the experience gained with publishing Forbes Magazine, debuted in 1996. If over 100 years in the field of reporting on business isn’t experience, then I don’t know what is!

The best business website in 1996

Forbes in 1996

Fast Forward to 2016. reaches more than 27 million unique visitors each month. With that many people visiting your website each month you have to offer something people want or need. The best business website has content that covers different topics, or channels, that affect business people.

Business articles are as varied as, “how the weather will affect the farming sector,” to, “which company is investing millions of dollars in programmatic TV advertising.” Other channels include Investing, Technology, Entrepreneurs, Opinions, and Leadership. In each channel, there are massive amounts of content for you to read.

There’s a list for that.

Interested in who the richest person in the world is? How about America’s Best Small Companies? Maybe you’re looking for the annual 30 Under 30 featuring the young entrepreneurs, creative leaders, and brightest stars under 30 years of age. If you are wanting to find a list covering the rich, companies, people, places, sports, and education has it.

Forbes Lists.

Forbes is known for their lists.

More than Words.

Forbes not only has all the written content a business person would need, but they also have video as well. Sorted video categories are: recommended, featured, most popular, and the latest. 4 Essential Tips To Becoming A Better Leader, How To Write Better Emails, and Malala Yousafzai’s Lifelong Campaign For Girls’ Education are popular videos that are available on

Most popular videos.

A selection of videos.

Navigation and Design.

Navigating Forbes is a straight forward process. There is a menu that when activated pops up on the left side of the website. Once activated the menu displays the different channels. There is also a horizontal menu along the top of the website for getting new posts and trending news quickly.

The design of the website is like that of any other online magazines. There isn’t anything that will wow a visitor. The design does carry across all devices nicely without any major issues. The biggest problem with the Forbes design is the sheer amount of ads. These ads come in the form of images and auto play videos.  There is a way you can get around the ads, but it will take some work.

Forbes Ad Light

Get less intrusive ads.

Starting your day with the Best Business Website.

With all the information on the best business website, it is easy to see how it is the home page for the world’s business leaders. One can easily start their day by getting caught up on the business news all while eating their breakfast. One quick look at the menu at the top of the home page and they can find the newest and most popular articles. You can also find any one of the lists on the website or even watch one of the latest videos.

Experience, discussing many topics that pertain to business people, and annual list all make the best business website. When it’s time to learn and read about business visit

Name: Forbes
Type: News

Best Business Website

Best Business Website:
Over 100 years in business reporting.A variety of business topics to choose from.Interesting and thought provoking annual lists.Simple website navigation.
Website design is average, but the ads can deter visitors to the site.
96%for the best business website.
Experience in business reporting.100%
Multiple topics for business.95%
Annual business lists.98%
Website navigation.95%
Website design.90%
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5 Awesome Websites from Sun, 24 Jul 2016 22:49:14 +0000 is a simple entertainment service. Browse through their editor-curated list of entertaining websites by clicking a button. Start by reading our list of their best links.

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]]> is one place you can go to find entertaining websites. The website is pretty simple. You press a button and a website shows up in an iFrame. Press it again, another website shows up.

The sad part is many of their websites are simply too stupid to waste your time on. Lucky for you, I went through every single website on and found 5 awesome websites. If you’re in the mood for some silly but entertaining websites, then you’re in the right spot.

5 Awesome Websites I Found at

1. Higher Lower Game

Higher Lower Game

In Higher Lower Game, you are asked which of two phrases has more search traffic. The game keeps track of your current score and high score. They also have an iPhone app.

Play Higher Lower Game

2. Crazy Card Trick

Crazy Card Trick

Crazy Card Trick is a game that predicts what card you chose. Drop a comment and let us know how long it takes you to figure it out.

Play the Crazy Card Trick

3. Slither


Slither is a snake game where you play against other players in real-time. It’s quite addictive. The trick is to make other snakes run into you and then eat their energy when they die.


4. Bees Bees Bees

Bees Bees Bees

In this episode, Oprah has gone mad and releases bees on her audience.

Watch Bees Bees Bees

5. Random Goat

Random Goat

Cute, funny videos of goats. Just click the screen to go to the next video.

Play Videos at Random Goat

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